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Hello Mother, hello Father: Letters home from Camp Jeep

Charlottesville, VA, July 26, 2001 It's been 38 years since I've gone to 
Summer camp, so 
when I got a call from DaimlerChrysler telling me about all the activities 
surrounding this year's Camp Jeep, I thought it was time to break out the 
mosquito repellent and head to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

What's Camp Jeep?  It's a comprehensive family adventure program, hosted 
and staged by Jeep, that's been designed to help Jeep owners and their 
families maximize the use of their vehicles and enjoy outdoor 
activities.  Did I say "comprehensive"?  Actually, this three-day program 
is absolutely jam-packed with everything from kayaking to hiking, to rock 
climbing, to crafts courses, to cooking classes, to mountain biking, to 
sing-alongs, and of course off-road driving.  All in all, there's about 500 
different activities scheduled!

Well, the fun starts today, and although the weatherman is forecasting 
rain, I'm forecasting a great time.  As the days progress, I'll try to keep 
everyone posted.  I've got my digital still camera, video camera, and 
laptop computer  not really the same stuff I took with me 38 years ago, but 
it is a new age.

This year's Camp Jeep is being held at the 200 acre Oak Ridge Estate.  I'm 
already late for breakfast, so that's all for now.

Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President & Co-Publisher