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2001 News Archive: Regular Gas In California $1.80...In Kentucky $1.18 per Gallon...Come to Kentucky Y'All


    LOS ANGELES--July 20, 2001--For the eighth week in a row, gas prices around Southern California continued declining, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California's Weekend Gas Watch.
    But a trend is developing in which motorists in Los Angeles are paying much higher prices than outlying regions such as Bakersfield. The Weekend Gas Watch monitors the average price of gasoline at popular destinations for motoring trips.
    Bakersfield's gas prices are among the lowest in Southern California, now averaging $1.686 a gallon, compared with $1.822 in Los Angeles and $1.885 in San Diego. Recent gas price data gathered by the Auto Club shows that more rural areas such as Bakersfield and Bishop have seen prices plunge by as much as 50 cents a gallon within the last month.
    Los Angeles and San Diego residents, on the other hand, have seen drops of only about 20 cents per gallon or less since gas prices reached their highest point.
    "Traditionally, we see metropolitan areas with lower prices than outlying areas," said Auto Club spokesman Jeffrey Spring. "We always believed that more competition in the cities and their lower transportation costs due to proximity to refineries were the reasons. But it seems that situation has reversed."

Editors Note: While driving up US75 to Detroit the other day I saw regular unleaded for as little as $1.13 
thats right $1.13...I guess there must be more gas here than in California??

Average prices as of 12:01 a.m. July 20 Area Regular Change from Record Price last week Los Angeles-Long Beach $1.822 -4.4 cents $2.036 (set 5/25) San Diego $1.885 -4.2 cents $2.025 (5/29) Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-Lompoc $1.899 -2.0 cents $2.069 (5/16) Las Vegas $1.572 -3.5 cents $1.885 (3/27/00) Phoenix-Mesa $1.527 -4.7 cents $1.720 (5/30)