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Nitronics Systems Urges Nitrogen Tire Inflation

    LAFAYETTE, Colo.--July 9, 2001--Nitronics Systems, Inc. of Lafayette, Colorado urges the motoring public to insist on nitrogen tire inflation for their tires for better mileage, improved road safety and national energy savings.
    "Nitrogen stays in a tire longer than air does and therefore gives the owner better fuel mileage, and the resultant energy savings occur year round." says Nitronics president Nick Verini. The US Department of Energy has stated that "Every day we are losing over 2 million gallons of gasoline to a seemingly unimportant thing -- low tire pressure."
    "Urge your car dealer, tire store, fast lube store, auto repair store, RV center or motorcycle shop to offer nitrogen tire inflation next time you visit them and they will make that available to you, but only if you ask. Our TireLast Tire Filling Stations are available at a reasonable cost and can operate on either nitrogen cylinder gas or our nitrogen generators," states Mr. Verini
    "Oxygen and moisture are a tire's worst enemy and dry nitrogen helps to extend the life of a tire by 25-30%. There is also some evidence that tires that fail on the road have had a history of under-inflation," says Cheryl Toomey, VP of Sales.
    The air we breathe is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. Nitrogen gas is completely inert, noncombustible, nonflammable, noncorrosive and environmentally friendly. Nitrogen is already widely used in all commercial and military aircraft tires, earthmover and mining equipment tires, Formula 1, Indy and NASCAR tires, automotive air bags and tire manufacturing.
    Visit the Nitronics Systems web site for more information on nitrogen tire inflation and TireLast equipment or call Nick or Cheryl at 303-604-1187; e-mail