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Claims Advice: FAQ
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What are the most Frequently Asked Questions ?
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Property Theft

Personal Property Damage
  • What will I need to provide to verify the property that was stolen?
    You should gather any available receipts, owner's manuals, warranty cards, appraisals, photographs or boxes that the items came in to help document/support your claim. You will need to provide these to your Claim Adjuster.

Dwelling Damage
  • Burglars damaged my home in the course of the robbery. Is the damage to my home covered?
    Generally, such damage is covered subject to the limits, terms and conditions of your policy. Your Claim Adjuster will provide the specific information for your claim. Please remember to make sure that any doors or windows that the burglars may have damaged in gaining access to your home have been secured.

Police Report
  • Do I need to file a police report?
    Any time you sustain a theft loss, you should file a report with the police department. Police reports are required by our policies on many types of losses, so it is a good idea to have a permanent record of the incident with the police.

Reimbursement Cost Coverage
  • My policy has reimbursement cost coverage. Does this mean that the insurance company will pay to replace all of my stolen items?
    If "Personal Property Reimbursement Cost" coverage is included in your policy, many of your personal property items can be replaced without a deduction for depreciation. If you choose not to replace a covered item, you will only be paid the "actual cash value", there may be a deduction for depreciation. Payment of replacement cost will be considered if you actually replace the items. You have 180 days from the date of the "actual cash value" payment to replace the item and collect the full replacement cost from your insurer.

    Whether payment is made on an "actual cash value" or "reimbursement cost" basis, payment cannot exceed the limit stated on your policy declarations page. In addition, most policies contain limits of liability for certain types of property, and not all items qualify for reimbursement cost coverage. Please refer to your policy for complete details. Your Claim Adjuster can answer any questions that you have regarding the policy provisions that pertain to your claim.

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