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How Car Engines Work The engine in your car is one of the most amazing machines that you use in your day-to-day activities! Find out how it works!

How Diesel Engines Work - Why do diesel engines get better mileage than gasoline engines? Here's the answer!

How Horsepower Works - You see horsepower ratings on everything from your car to your lawn mower - Now you can understand what horsepower means!

How Manual Transmissions Work - What is really happening inside the transmission as you move the shifter through that funny "H" pattern?

How Differentials Work - Differentials are important in any vehicle, and they are incredibly interesting mechanical devices. Learn about both standard and different "limited slip" differential systems!

How Clutches Work - Any car with a manual transmission has a clutch that connects/disconnects the engine and transmission. Learn how a normal automotive clutch works and explore a variety of other clutches!

How Torque Converters Work - Torque converters are an essential part of any car that has an automatic transmission. Learn how torque converters work and see exactly what is going on inside!

How Air Conditioners Work - You see (and hear) air conditioners all around you. Now understand what they are doing!

How Hybrid Cars Work - Hybrid cars offer great mileage and lower emissions; they combine different technologies to get the best of both worlds! Learn all about the secrets behind these amazing vehicles, plus two real-world examples!

How Catalytic Converters Work - A catalytic converter is one of the most important parts of a car's emission control system, but it is incredibly simple! Learn how catalytic converters work!

How Brakes Work - Your car's brakes are probably the most critical system on the vehicle -- if they go out, you have a major problem! Learn about this incredibly important component!

How Bearings Work - Ball bearings and roller bearings are invisible heroes inside almost any mechanical object. They let motors and axles spin freely for years at a time! Learn about all different kinds of bearings, including five-foot ball bearings that keep buildings on solid footing!

How Disc Brakes Work - Disc brakes are the most common brakes to find on your car's front wheels, and are also fairly common in the rear. Learn all about disc brakes!

How An Auto Air Bag Works - Learn the science behind the air bag, how the device works, what its problems are and where the technology goes from here!

How Master Cylinders Work - The master cylinder provides the pressure that engages your brakes. Learn how the master cylinder works with the combination valve to provide reliable braking!

How Champ Cars Work - Champ Cars have carbon fiber bodies, amazing 900 HP engines and top speeds of over 230 MPH! With the help of the Motorola PacWest Racing Team and CART, you can go behind the scenes to learn about the car, the team and the driver!

How Pressure Gauges Work - Admit it. Every time you use your little pen-shaped tire pressure gauge you wonder how it works. Now you'll know!

How Air-Powered Cars Will Work - Air-powered cars have one huge advantage -- very low emissions! Learn how they will work!

How Drum Brakes Work - Most cars today use drum brakes on the back two wheels or on all four wheels. Read this article for the complete scoop on drum brakes, plus some amazing graphics!

Inside a Competition Tractor - We look inside a competition tractor at a tractor pull!

How Tires Work - Tires have been in the news because of recent tire problems on cars and airplanes. Learn all about how tires are made and how their wear can affect your ride!

How Power Brakes Work - Most cars today are equipped with power brakes to make stopping easier. Read this article if you've ever wondered how power brakes work - it's pretty amazing!

How Fuel Processors Work - Fuel processors (or "reformers") are an essential part of most commercial fuel cells - since hydrogen gas is hard to store, fuel processing is where the hydrogen comes from! Learn how fuel processors work and how efficient they really are!

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