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All Cars made by Jaguar

Select trim for 2018 Jaguar XF
20d AWD$52,275
20d Premium AWD$54,265
20d Premium RWD$51,265
20d Prestige AWD$58,725
20d Prestige RWD$55,725
20d R-Sport AWD$62,625
20d R-Sport RWD$59,625
20d RWD$49,275
25t AWD$50,775
25t Premium AWD$52,765
25t Premium RWD$49,765
25t Prestige AWD$57,225
25t Prestige RWD$54,225
25t R-Sport AWD$61,125
25t R-Sport RWD$58,125
25t RWD$47,775
35t Portfolio Limited Edition AWD$71,025
35t Portfolio Limited Edition RWD$68,025
35t Premium AWD$56,965
35t Premium RWD$53,965
35t Prestige AWD$61,425
35t Prestige RWD$58,425
35t R-Sport AWD$65,325
35t R-Sport RWD$62,325
S AWD$66,865
S RWD$63,865
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