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2006 Sportsmobile Chevy Van - 3500 Regular Body RB - Standard

Sportsmobile, Inc.
250 Court St.
Huntington, IN 46750
Web site:

Sportsmobile is the oldest company devoted to converting factory passenger/cargo vans into practical and versatile Class B motorhomes. The company built its first camping van in 1961, and has converted tens of thousands of vehicles ever since. Certainly, lessons have been learned over the decades, and it seems that Sportsmobile has decided to do business in its own unique way in order to give customers exactly what they want. Sportsmobile offers a dizzying array of features, allowing a customer to choose a platform – Ford, Chevy or Dodge Sprinter – and build a floorplan from there. Five kinds of roofs are offered on the Ford and Chevy vans, and each is available as a Regular Body (RB) or Extended Body (EB). The Ford E350 is available with 4-wheel-drive, and Sportsmobile has built more 4x4 camping vans than any other company.

There are many pre-designed floorplans to select for each van style and size, but if none of them are exactly what the customer wants, Sportsmobile says, “No problem.” They will build a van to the customer’s specifications at no extra charge, provided the choices come from the lengthy options list. Choose furniture, cabinets, bathroom layout or none, appliances, floor covering, seating, etc., and how you would like it all arranged, and you can design a one-of-a-kind vehicle. Need a toy-hauler? Then add some cargo space in the back. Need a specialized commercial/travel van? They can do that, too.

Rather than dealerships, Sportsmobiles are sold from three manufacturing locations, in Huntington, Indiana, Austin, Texas, and Fresno, California. The customer places the order directly with the factory and either has it delivered anywhere nationwide or simply picks it up.

Owners Club: Sportsmobile Social Club

Owners Club Benefits:

  • Local chapters and events
  • Regional and National Rallies
  • More

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