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Consumer Reports Test Site
Auto Lab Radio Participants and David Champion, Director of Auto Testing, Consumer Reports Auto Test Facility, East Haddom, CT
Left to right: Senior European Correspondent Robert Erskine; Ivan Anderson, Ivan's Automotive Service; John Ragusa, Ragusa's Complete Auto Repairs; David Champion; and Prof. Harold Wolchok.

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The Auto Lab is an automotive broadcast series about the automotive industry, its history, and its culture, presenting the ideas of leading college faculty, authors, and automotive practitioners in a relaxed, conversational format.

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March 11, 2006

  • Robert Erskine, Senior European Correspondent, London, England - "Go Niche and Design" - The 2006 Geneva Auto Show
  • Russ Rader, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety - New Crash Tests of Midsized Cars
  • John Russell, Senior Correspondent - The VW Passat 2.0 T
  • Mike Quincy, Consumer Reports - High-Tech Headaches and Hassles

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AutoLab Host

Professor Harold Wolchok - Host of The AutoLab

This Week's Guest Automotive Experts - Saturday, 11 March 2006

PHOTOIvan Anderson - Ivan's Automotive Service

PHOTOHarold Bendell - Major World

PHOTOTim Cacace - Master Mechanix Auto Body and Auto Repairs, and Bronx Community College, City University of New York

PHOTOJerry Pastore - D&J Diagnostic

PHOTONick Prague - Maintenance Superintendent - Metropolitan Transportation Authority and Instructor in Automotive Technology, Bronx Community College, CUNY

PHOTOVictor Principe - Hostos Community College, CUNY

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