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Kart Expo '99

The Auto Channels broadcasts will allow Internet users and karting enthusiasts to see the best and the latest products and services that the industry has to offer. In all, TACH will present 9 live half-hour programs over the two days that feature interviews with representatives from the top manufacturers, kart racing celebrities, and association officials. The exhibitor list includes Briggs & Stratton, Reb-co Racing, SuperKarts USA, Margay Racing Products, American Honda Motorsports, Skip Barber Racing School, and World Karting Association. The shows will then be archived for continuous on-demand access.

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Live & On-Demand Cybercast Coverage
Saturday 12/04/99
Interview Shows Trivia Challenge
8:30am ET
  • Randy Kugler - World Karting Assoc.
  • WKO Introduction
  • Bob Cycon - Kart Marketing Group
  • Joe Ramos - SSC Racing
  • Bill McDowell - McDowell Racing
11:00am ET
  • John Kozubik - John's Kart Shop
  • Michael Giessen - Driver
  • Peter Becker - FKP
  • Michel Boisclair - SRA Karting
  • Bruce Eades - HRH Insurance
1:00pm ET
  • Michael Giessen - WKA Triple Crown Champ
  • Michael Sox - Shadow Racing
  • Charlie Frear - Deep Seat
  • Ted Leach - Trilogy Racing
2:30pm ET
  • Wesley Loftin - Driver
  • Hurricane Racing
  • Roger Hargens - TuffDuty
  • Bob Falcone - Eurokart Racing
  • Mitchel G. Hagy - Duke
10:30am ET
  • Alex Lushatz
  • Barry Dawson
12:30pm ET
  • Troy Whitaker
  • Mike Gaither
2:00pm ET
  • Chad Reinbolt
  • Mark Leach
3:30pm ET
  • David MacDonald
  • Mark MacDonald
Sunday 12/05/99
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Special presentation:
TCM Racing presents:
1995 CIK World Championship
Valence, France
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News from Kart Expo 99

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