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The original Bobby Likis Car Clinic was first televised in November 1986 on a locally owned cable network. This live, call-in program was promoted as a 'car doctor show' as Bobby answered viewers' questions and provided cures to what ailed their cars. The program increased in popularity, and by 1991, audience response was so tremendous that Bobby moved Car Clinic to the Gulf Coast ABC affiliate, WEAR-TV. Here the program was an outstanding success, as reflected in its ratings (like 15-4). As a matter of fact, Car Clinic pulled better numbers than Terry Bradshaw's pre-game football show in 2 of the 3 metro areas along the Gulf Coast! In addition, 1991 marked the birth of the radio version of Car Clinic, originally broadcast on 4 stations in 2 states. Today the program is enjoyed by listeners nationwide. Not only has Bobby earned the loyalty of his listening audience, but also that of sponsors, like Bar's Leaks, the Steel Recycling Institute, FRIGC, and X1R.

So much for the history we are in 1998! Bobby is now broadcasting nationwide and videocasting worldwide from his own state-of-the-art Acoustic Systems studio, uniquely designed for full-spectrum programming--from radio to television to the Internet.

Here's where the real story comes out: Bobby Likis Car Clinic is not your ordinary fix-it program. Oh, there are plenty of car questions and answers. But ask Bobby and his audience the real secret of Car Clinic's success, and they'll tell you "INFORMATION" and "ENTERTAINMENT". Bobby uses easy-to-understand analogies and buzz words that arm his consumer audiences with knowledge, while entertaining them with wit, warmth and charm. In addition, Bobby interviews Industry leaders, like Andrew Card of the American Automobile Manufacturers Association, who inform everyone of the latest and greatest trends. INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT...that's Car Clinic. Everyone has a car question. Understandably, the biggest car question we all have is this: Where do you go to get straight answers about your cars? The answer is easy:


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