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Car electronics are leaping into the "Jetson" age. With features such as car navigation, engine diagnostics, road speed monitoring, emergency roadside assistance, autosound, vehicle security, wireless phones, e-mail, web surfing, real-time traffic reports, and voice recognition security devices, driving an automobile will resemble something from a science fiction movie. Every year, the place to see all the new products is the CES trade show in Las Vegas, January 7 -9, 1999

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Live & On-Demand Cybercast Coverage
Thursday 1/7/99

1:30pm PT
  • Motorola - Allan M. Kirson, T.C.G.
  • Blaupnkt - John Whitacre, Sr. Product Manager
  • CEMA - Lisa P. Fasold, Staff Director
  • Visteon - Mike Bryars, Speech Products
  • Crimestooper - Howard Miller, President

4:00pm PT
  • Paradyme - Leon SooHoo, President
  • Jenson - Eric K. Baker, National Sales Trainer
  • Formula One - Randy Conover, Territory Manager
  • Lite Glow Industries - Spencer Krumholz, C.E.O.
  • PIE - Lourdes Padua, National Sales Manager
Friday 1/8/99

11:00am PT
  • VDO - John Morag, Product Manager
  • Sound Stream - Mark S. Spinella, Managing Director
  • Exeter Technologies - Charles D. Balsamo, C.E.O.
  • IVS - Rachel P. Young, Director of Marketing

1:30pm PT
  • Mobile Dynamics - Derek Lee, President
  • Accele Electronics - Allen Arzoumanian, President
  • CEMA - Harry Massery, Manager - Mobile Electronics
  • Visteon - Lori Markatos, Engineering Supervisor
  • Linear Power - Chris Foster, Sales Manager

4:00pm PT
  • Taser International - Rick Smith, President
  • Alpine - Mark Karnes, Vice President NAVI
  • Idea Technologies Corp. Bennett Hirschhorn, C.E.O.
  • Magellan - Richard Eklund, Brand Manager
  • ETAK - Alan Norman, VP/GM New Business
  • Alpine - Mobile Dayday
Saturday 1/9/99

1:30pm PT
  • Ultradata - Monte Ross, C.E.O. and President
  • ICP Global Technologies - Dan Kruger, Sales Manager
  • CEMA - Jeff Joseph, Vice President Communications
  • CUE Corporation - Frank Provenzano, Vice President
  • Cherokee Electronics - Doug Marrison, President

4:00pm PT
  • MERA - Rick Mathies, Director of Operations
  • Beep Wear - Victoria L. Durkin, Director of Marketing
  • SunStar International - Ken Jones, President and C.E.O.
  • Code Alarm - Rand W. Mueller, Founder
  • Stinger Electronics - Ron Freeman, Director of Purchasing/R. & D.

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