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Pikes Peak International Hill Climb 1999

Ever since 1916 drivers from around the world have been challenging each other in this annual race for the Penrose Trophy. Racing up the mountain at speeds exceeding 120 MPH, around blind curves and on loose gravel, each driver races against the clock. Over 17 divisions compete, in vehicles ranging from motorcycles to semi trucks.

This year David Treffer was there on race day, getting the story from the drivers and crews themselves.

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Damon Doherty/Jim Brownlee Windows Mac
Bruce Hayes Windows Mac
Bob Nankivell Windows Mac
Greg Thomas Windows Mac
Jeff Zwart Windows Mac
Steve Goeglein Windows Mac
Brian Stewart Windows Mac
Leonard Vahsholtz Windows Mac
Glen Brown Windows Mac
Monster Tajima Windows Mac
Jimmy Adams Windows Mac
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart Windows Mac
Greg Thomas Windows Mac
Blake Fuller Windows Mac
Doug Matthews Windows Mac
Barry Isaac Windows Mac
Mike Ryan Windows Mac
David Durelle Windows Mac

News and Feature Stories

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