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A Teens and Cars Review

Mitsubishi Mirage Coupe LS

By Aisha Hill

At first I thought it was a girlie car but later…..I realized I was wrong.

On the wimp scale (1 being Pee Wee sleeping, to 10 Arnold Schwartzenneger flexing) the Mirage Coupe lies about a solid 8.5….so about like Arnold signing autographs. (a good score) This car is the tangy zip in the Miracle Whip, it includes at no extra charge a contemporary styling and a sporty interior. In addition to all that, and unlike most other vehicle manufacturers, the base price includes a cassette player and everything else, save the value package (air, CD player, floormats, a cargo net, and wheel locks will cost you an extra $889.00). NICE. While driving, one cannot help but notice this is not your grandmas car, it's small, very fast and maneuverable. It shares nothing with its larger relatives except the polar oppositeness of their prices. NICE.

The speed and acceleration/power made me wish I had driven it more than I did. There is absolutely nothing marshmallow like about it. You hardly notice driving up a steep hill as the Mirage does not slow down or buckle under stress in the least. There is no delay in acceleration once you push the gas pedal. You just go. Eliminate the convertible vehicles in the world and this coupe's vision is unparalleled; the driver and the passenger have complete, unobstructed, amazingly clear, 360 degree sight. NICE!

While driving down the road I knew I was in a spiffy car. Whom ever designed the contemporary styling did a great job, in addition to its noteworthy appearance the sporty interior is sweet and practical, O-yes, fun to be in.

The fuel economy is good, 26 city and 33 highway, so the impact on your pocket book for the actual driving part in somewhat minimal. As far as amenities go, this car has it all including a tachometer (which gets me annoyed when many manual transmission vehicles do not), and tinted windows. NICE.

The only problem I had with the Mirage Coupe LS is the fact that with its $14,599 price tag it comes awfully close to the price of the more renowned Saturn Sedan, other than that I loved the car.

Price= MSR $13,290.00….but the one I drove cost $14,599.00 (it had everything)

Good Things	            	  Bad Things
1. It is fun to drive		 	0
2. It looks snazzy			0
3. It is zippy and fast			0
4. Gas mileage and CD player		0

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