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Tuesday, November 3
9:30 AM
  • Stephen J. Alexander, President of Automotive In-Store Marketing; Wm. D. (Bill) Matthews, Vice President of Sales for B'laster; Craig Stevenson, Division Sales Planning Manager
    11:00 AM
  • Martin E.Kashnowski, General Product Manager of Bosch; Dr. Mark S. Filowitz, President & CEO of Wynn Oil Company; William C.Diggory, Vice President / General Manager of Chicago Rawhide; Allen D. Newendyke, President of Great Lakes Pro-Check; Amy M Hsu, Direct Marketing Sales for Wagan Corporation; Elliot Smith, General Manager of Superior Motorcycle Products
    1:00 PM
  • Charles A. Tornabene, President & C.O.O. of Turtle Wax, Inc.; Denis John Healy, Director of Strategic Planning for Turtle Wax; Bobby Moore, President of Race Rock; also co-owners Scott Parker (AMA Grand National Series Rider) , Geoff Bodine (Nascar Driver), John Force (NHRA Driver), and Dave Shultz(NHRA Motorcycle Rider); M.E. (Mike) Doble, Concept Vehicles / Technology Manager for Buick
    2:30 PM
  • Bill Stuart, President of Emgee; Craig D. Rutman, National Accounts Manager for Kapak; Steven D. Kraines, Kraco; Roger Walsh, President of Stretch Strap Corporation; James Munn, Vice President of Sales for American Technologies
    4:00 PM
  • Jim Reiner, Director of Aftermarket for Enkei International; David Jacoby, President of J.B. Chemical Company; Eian Mathieson, Managing Director of Matson Automotive Industries; John Yelenick, President of Gas-O-Haul; McKeel Hagerty, President of Hagerty Insurance; Phil Meyers, Vice President / Sales Manager for Lexol

    Wednesday, November 4
    9:30 AM
  • John Battle, Editor of Aftermarket Business Magazine; Fred Lisle, Lisle Tools; Karen G. Galas, Marketing Department Manager of Denso; Paul D. Fuerst, Aftermarket Sales Department Field Sales Supervisor for Denso; Randall E. Martin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for GKN Drivetech
    11:00 AM
  • Edward "Buck" Parker, President of Sun Coast Chemicals of Daytona; Joseph Pasuit, President of Fre-Bar; William J. Miller, President and CEO of Auto xray
    1:00 PM
  • Jimmy W. Whitely, Project Manager for Raytheon Systems Company; Mitch Williams; Matthew J. Broderick, Group Vice-President of MArketing for Turtle Wax; Robert J. Piche', Director of Marketing for Turtle Wax; Mitch L. Williams, President and CEO of Hella
    2:30 PM
  • Donna M. Wagner, Vice President of the Car Care Council; Mark Minatel, Executive Director of the Car Care Council; Dean Morgantini, President of Nichols Publishing, Publishers of Chilton's Automotive Repair Information; J. Bur Zeratsky, Sales & Marketing Manager for The Shaler Company; Frank J. Bantle, Assistant Account Manager of The Pollack Marketing Group
    4:00 PM
  • Paul Waterman, Director of Marketing for Castrol North America; Jamie Fiffles, Vice President of Marketing for OCA; Kevin Judge, Sales Engineers for Raybestos; Jeff D. Bolin, West Coast Training Director for SplitFire; Tim Golema, Aftermarket Sales Engineer for Victor Reinz

    Thursday, November 5
    9:30 AM
  • John Battle, Editor of Aftermarket Business Magazine; Chris Batts, Project Manager for Spectrum Composites; Introduction of the Ford F-650; George Prokos, National Sales Manager for VersaChem; Robert P. Scaringe, Ph.D., P.E., Mainstream Engineering Corporation; Mike Yager, President of Mid America Designs; Allan Throop, Sales Manager for Gates InterAmerica; Robert J. Mermuys, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Fre-Bar, makers of Bar's Leaks
    11:00 AM
  • Rosemarie Kitchin, with the ABS Education Alliance; Allan Throop, Gates Rubber; Bob Miller, MEMA; Steve Koehn, Marketing Representative for Automatic Equipment Manufacturing Company
    1:00 PM
  • Irv Gordon, Quality Control Technician for Volvoville U.S.A.; Ron Rowen, President & CEO of Performance Products; Larry M. Hoofnagle, Director of Marketing Communication for Raybestos; Joe Johnston, Sales for Smittybilt; Dr. Christopher Jacobs, Ph.D., E.E., President of Jacob's Electronics; Kyle Gregoire (Performance Products), David Dyke (co-CEO), Ken Grant (co-CEO), Inform Design
    2:30 PM
  • Marc Rauch, Executive Producer and Co-founder of The Auto Channel; Alison C. Bates, Market Manager for Kimberly-Clark; Marc L. Levinson, Vice President of Donmar Sunroofs & Accessories; Tom Elmer, Director of marketing Services for Cardone
    4:00 PM
  • Charlie N. NeJaime, General Manager of Vida Frames; Chuck Ruth General Product Manager Engine Management and Safety Products Autovotive Aftermarket for Bosch; Richard L. Griot of Griot's Garage

    Friday, November 6
    9:30 AM
  • John Battle, Editor of Aftermarket Business Magazine; Brian Marks, Director of Marketing for Rhino Linings; Dan Kruger, Manager of Special Markets for ICP Global Technologies
    11:00 AM
  • John Hennessy, Production Manager for QGrip.Com; Robert Vito, President of Lawman Armor
    1:00 PM
  • Marcy A. Estok, Manager of Membership and Corporate Marketing for the Service Technicians Society; Jeff Moses, President of Auto Custom Carpets
    2:30 PM
  • Marc Rauch, Executive Producer and Co-founder of The Auto Channel; Sean Brown and Elliot Schwarts, Beverly Hills Motor Assoc. and Whistler Products; Closing remarks...

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