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ThrustSSC Supersonic Race


ThrustSSC Breaks the Sound Barrier!

VXtreme Video Report 10/13/97

ThrustSSC Sets New World Record

714 MPH
Nevada's Black Rock Desert

(The previous World Land Speed Record of 633.468mph was set on 4th October 1983 by Richard Noble in Thrust2, on Black Rock Desert, Nevada. The speed of sound is approximately 750mph.)

Big Day At Black Rock (27min.) - Videotaped live during the setting of a new World Land Speed Record - Thursday September 25 1997

Morning Update Thursday September 25 1997 11:20am PT

Afternoon Update Thursday September 25 1997 4:25pm PT

Thursday, September 25, 1997 - After a brief two hour rain delay, Andy Green and the ThrustSSC team brought their twin-turbojet car back out on the Black Rock course for another assault on Richard Noble's existing world record.

From the vantage point of the press area, located halfway through the "measured mile" section, we watched as a plume of dust and smoke rose into the clouds, signaling the start of the first run. In seconds, the land-jet roared into view, and then vanished just as quickly into the Northern horizon. Moments later the USAC timing crew radioed the results: 700.661 mph.

Virtually all that remained to set a new world record was a second run in the next 60 minutes. Even a sub-600 mph run could give the ThrustSSC team the new high-water mark. But the second run didn't disappoint the media or hundreds of spectators looking down from the surrounding hills.

After only about 45 minutes since the first run, the black behemoth was ready to go. Again, a plume of smoke riveted our attention. Quickly, very quickly, a black dot became the shape of the ThrustSSC car. As the vehicle passed, the engine's roar thundered all around us. Was is possible? The second run seemed even faster than the first. We gathered around Richard Noble as he solemnly awaited the word.

The radio crackled to life. The monotone voice of the USAC official gave no hint of what was to come: Andy Green, driving the amazing ThrustSSC car had just turned in a second run time of 728.008 mph in the measured mile. Incredibly, the deed was done; Richard Noble, Andy Green, and the entire ThrustSSC team established a new world land speed record of 714 mph.

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