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Le Mans News Desk

Event Type Date Comment
Live Audio Updates Real Audio: Le Mans events
Le Mans Chat Room Live chat: Le Mans events
Oldsmobile Photo Page High Quality Photos
CompuServe Int'l News Board Message board from Compuserve
Flying the BMW M3 to Le Mans 06/16/96 by Nicholas Frankl
Le Mans - 20hrs in 06/16/96 by Nicholas Frankl
Oldsmobile Update 06/16/96 12 Hour Report
Le Mans is a GO! 06/15/96 by Nicholas Frankl
Notes & Quotes 06/15/96 Jim Pace interview
Oldsmobile Update 06/15/96 Six Hour Notes
Oldsmobile Update 06/15/96 First Hour Notes
Oldsmobile Update 06/15/96 Pre-Practice Notes & Quotes
Le Mans Preview 06/14/96 Behind the scenes w/ Nicholas Frankl
Oldsmobile Update 06/14/96 The Magic Of Le Mans
Aurora V8 Qualifies 7th 06/14/96 Final Practice Session
Qualifying Notes & Quotes 06/13/96 3rd Practice Session
News-Aurora V8 Debuts 06/12/96 1st Practice Session