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1996 Indianapolis 500
Notes From The Brickyard

By Bill Maloney

The next time the 33 Indy 500 qualifiers take to the speedway for a practice session is thursday, May 23 which historically has been called "carburetion" day. Odd nomenclature when you figure there has not been an Indy race car in 20 years that had carburetors on its engine.

The Pinkerton Security Company awards five grand to the oldest race driver to make the race. It was to have been given to Johnny Parsons but now that 54 year old Danny Ongais (Danny on-the-gas) has made the big show he gets the $5000.

Billy Boat, Arizona USAC Midget racer driver was released from the hospital today where he was being treated for injuries sustained in a crash last sunday. He had a seperation of the left shoulder and was not yet cleared to become the first alternate starter. He was bumped by Joe Gosek. Who? Second alternate is Tyce Carlson. Double who?

Dan Drinan, another injured driver remains in Methodist hospital with first turn wall injuries and MAY get out in time to become a spectator at the race.

Tony Stewart, USAC driving sensation who inherited the pole position after the fatal injury to Scott Brayton and the "under weight" problem with Arie Luyendycks race car was to drive in the Red Dog Busch NASCAR stock car race next saturday but his car (stock) owner, Harry Rainier gave him the day off in order to concentrate on Indy where the amount of prize money Tony could take home for a first place finish will be five times that of the total Busch race purse...a bout $1.5 million.

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