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1996 Indianapolis 500
Daily Trackside Report


Post Qualifying Quotes - 05/19/96

HIDESHI MATSUDA (#52 Beck Motorsports): "I'm so happy right now. I have to work with car a little more and get more comfortable. I try to remember how I was last year and duplicate it." (About the run): Going into Turn 2 (on Lap 3), the car had little push and I tried to correct it, went out of control and corrected it...a little bit scared. (I) used (the) full course to recover. Turn 3 and 4 performed beautifully and going into Turn 1, I got (a) push. I got (the) throttle and the front end tucked in under me and then I got back on the throttle and used the full course to straighten out. I try to make every lap the same. When I went back to Japan last year, I thought every night how to run this race and maybe that's the secret for today. (About going past the photo area when he returned to pit road): "I forgot to push the brake. I hit (the) brake a little bit and (there was) no response and I didn't want to turn into a lot of people so I went by and then they (the brakes) came back." (About coming to Indy): "I love Indy. Four years ago, I came here as a pit reporter. I was touched by the speed, the sound of the cars, everything, and wanted to drive here. I went back to Japan and put a resume together to get a sponsor to come here. I am so happy to be here." (About when he knew he had his ride): "Yesterday, at 8 p.m." (About his qualifying well here on ovals): "I agree. I came here two years and I feel comfortable doing the oval. I might be suited to do oval tracks." (About what he wanted to say to people in Japan): "I like to race in the United States. Give me all your support." (Response when asked if he or countryman Hiro Matsushita were more famous in Japan): "We both famous."

JOE GOSEK (#43 Alta Spring Water/Perry Ellis/Royal Purple): "It hasn't sunk in yet. That's for sure. I didn't look at the speedometer, that's for sure. I never do that at home in the Super Modifieds, so I didn't want to start it here. I know that I looked down at one point and saw a 22...something. There's a lot going on out there and you have to concentrate. The month has been unbelievable. I was entranced with the place when I got here. It's great for the IRL. I'm here as a racer. I was given the opportunity through the IRL and that's who I'm dedicated to now. There's a lot of good racers out there and I'm one of ‘em." (About his first two weeks) "I've been trying to forget about the first part of the month. The first two weeks were very frustrating. It took fourteen days to get through. I got out of the ride. It just felt like I was wasting time. Then I talked to the IRL. They helped put a deal together for me. They went out of their way to help me out. I was able to come through for them. It worked out." (On the potential purse money) "The whole month I didn't concern myself with the purse. I came here with the thought that if I didn't go home with a nickel in my pocket that would be fine. I'm not going to think about it. Now that I'm in the race I can think about sponsorship." (About the possibility of being in the race before) "The probability was not in my mind at all before. Before I came out here with Davey Hamilton. I wasn't one to brag about what I can do. I prove myself out on the race track. As far as I was concerned, there was no hope at all before, but the IRL has changed all that. When I sat in the car yesterday, it was the most relaxed I've been all month. I don't mean to downplay the opportunity given to me in the first two weeks but, when I sat in the car yesterday it was like comparing a Cadillac to a junker. It's a really good car. It felt really nice." (About his run) " There's a lot going on out there. I had to concentrate. I didn't look at the speedometer. I wanted to concentrate on the track. When I crossed the line, I didn't know whether we were in or out."

SCOTT HARRINGTON (#44 Della Penna Motorsports Ralph's Food 4 Less Fuji Film): (about qualifying run) "They say that experience builds character, if that's true, this will last a lifetime! It's been a month of trials and tribulations, we even had fans coming up and giving us money (to get a car qualified), but believe me, right now it's well worth it, with the damage to the other car, this $10,000 qualifying award (My Bubble Burst Award) will go a long way. How much drama can you have in one month? We were in line for inspection, and then the sidepod was loose, so we fixed that and went back in line, then there was an accident. I was excited after we qualified, and then Gosek goes out and picks the speed up, and I thought here we go, then Tyce went out and I was kind of worried for a while." (about coming here) "This has been the most up and down two months of my life -- we had problems with the car, were over one week late in getting here to the track and had just completed my rookie lap when the car was destroyed. A lot of people stepped up and helped us out after that happened, and fortunately we came up with some sponsorship money. If I had to write a story about this month, I don't think I could have made up a better one. We've had to try to do this the old-fashioned way, with talent and coming up through the ranks. I grew up watching this race on TV, and I can't tell you what it means to be here. I wouldn't have it any other way. This experience makes you a better person -- when you have to earn your way here. The great guys here worked for it. You sleep in your car if you have to -- whatever it takes. This experience makes you a better person." (about his experience here) "I was here seven years ago and I never quit trying to come back. We never quit in all of those years. The IRL series has provided a guy like me who has the talent, but not bags of gold, to be able to run here." (about selling his Porsche to be here) "If I had a choice between running Indy or driving a nice car, I'd walk before I'd give up a chance to run here."

TYCE CARLSON (#77 Brickell Racing Earls Performance PDM): (about missing the race) "I'm fine with it. I'm just grateful that we got an opportunity. At 11:00 this morning, I didn't even have a ride. At 11:00 they told me to go get my driver's suit, so I had to break into my buddy's car just to get it. But I figured that there was no way I was going to miss this just because I couldn't get my suit." (about future plans) "I really want to be a part of the IRL. Living in Indianapolis and growing up here -- this is where I belong. I will do whatever I have to to be a part of this in the future."

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