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Expect Mickey And The Dreamcast Holding Hands Soon At Disney World

Epcot Will NEVER Be The Same

As of September 30th, Disney World visitors will be able to visit the new Innoventions exhibit at Epcot Center (one of the three amusement parks at Disney World). Sega, whom recently released the new Sega Dreamcast, will be one of the many exhibitors found inside the new Innoventions exhibit. Why Sega you ask? Well Innoventions is planning on showcasing the future of technology and the way online gaming has come along the past fews years and into the future. Sega, of course as you know, has the ability of online play via its 56K modem.

Announcing that it has a two year commitment as an exhibitor, Sega will have a 2900 square foot section of the building to showcase many of the games that the Dreamcast supports. There will be 34 interactive stations around the exhibit will playable kiosks and a presentation of the much anticipated "Shenmue", a new role-playing that houses the latest in video-game power. As of right now the games that are playable on kiosks are Sonic Adventure, Sega Bass Fishing, Shenmue, NFL 2K, and NBA 2K. But what about us hardcore racing fans? Are there any games for us to slap our sweaty palms on? Why of course! CART-Flag to Flag, and Sega Rally 2 Championship edition will both be playable in the exhibits awakening. CART-Flag to Flag is the first game for the Dreamcast that puts the gamer behind the engine of a Formula 1 racer and Sega Rally 2 Championship is a fast, realistic off-road racing game.

Senor Vice President of Sega of America, Peter Moore recently said, "Innoventions is an ideal forum for us to demonstrate Dreamcast's ability to make the world a smaller, more enjoyable place by connecting people via the Internet for the first time through a low cost gaming console. Sega Dreamcast's 56K modem and realistic, evolving gameplay represent the future of gaming and technology...We look forward to continually updating our Innoventions exhibit as new technology and Sega Dreamcast games are introduced."

Online gaming is something that the Dreamcast is all alone in the huge field of video-game consoles. Being packaged along with a 56K modem, Sega hopes to supply the diehard multiplayer fans all over the world. Over the next twelve months Sega plans to phase in the online gaming experience to all Dreamcast owners. Innoventions will be the place that Sega will debut the Internet capabilities of the Dreamcast so be ready. As soon as Sega begins producing online compatible video games expect to be able to race seven other people from around the world in your favorite racing game.

What does all this mean? Not really that much if you think about it. Most of us only visit Disney World about once every 10 years but for those gamers who plan on going down to Florida this year or next be sure to make your way to the Epcot Center's Innoventions exhibit and check out Sega's section.

-Nick Steinhauer
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