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California's New Teen Driving Laws


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    On July 1, 1998 the State of California enacted a law that effects all drivers under the age of 18. The new regulations are part of a continuous effort to keep California's roadways safe for all drivers. With the accident rate of drivers under the age of 18 five times higher than the national average, California's Department of Motor Vehicles is taking a proactive approach in attempts to curb these statistics.

    The State of California has been continuously cracking down on problem areas, the two most important have been driving under the influence (DUI's), and teen recklessness. With drunk driving at the lowest since the 1960's as a result of increased education and stricter laws, the Department of Motor Vehicles has turned its efforts to provisional licenses. Any driver under the age of 18 holds a provisional license, however, only those who apply for their learners permit after July 1 will be subject to the regulations.

    The Auto Channel's Larkin Hill spoke to Evan Nossoff, information officer for the California Department of Motor Vehicles who described the laws and why we needed them. He discussed who will be affected, how it will be enforced, and the exceptions to the rule. We then hit the streets of Sacramento, California's capitol city, to find out what the public thought.

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