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While tapes of individual shows can be purchased, duplication is prohibited by copyright.  However, by licensing Autoline Detroit, either on an individual show basis or annual contract, you will receive a beta tape of each show for internal use at your discretion.  These can be duplicated, and/or edited for internal networks, presentations and training purposes.

Single Show License: $550
Full Year License (@ 46 shows): $20,000

Basic Sponsorship:
Each Autoline Detroit offers opportunities for up to six sponsors.  Each sponsorship includes two messages in lengths of 15- or 30-seconds; one at the beginning and one at the end of  the program.  Sponsorships are offered on a quarterly (13 weeks) or annual basis only, although special advertising opportunities exist around special events.  Sponsorships are $18,000 net per quarter for 15-second spots at the beginning and end of each program (total of 26 spots per quarter).  Add 10% for 30-second messages.

Exclusive Center Position Sponsorship:
An exclusive sponsorship opportunity exists within the program as a segue between the journalist discussion and the top senior executive interview.  Center position sponsorship is $100,000 net for one year.  Exclusive sponsor has the benefit of exposure during all of our special programs throughout the year.

Sponsorship, or underwriting, is different from and has advantages over broadcast advertising in many ways.  Here we present some of the findings from a recent independent study:

Bill Harvey presented a report to the Advertising Research Foundation in October 2000.  Bill Harvey is President and CEO of Next Century Media and Co-Chair of the New Media Model Committee of the Advertising Research Foundation.  SEI was founded by Next Century Media, American Demographics Magazine and Studio One Networks to develop a Sponsorship Effectiveness Index that enables advertisers to measure the impact of program sponsorships within various new media environments.

1.  Sponsorship has recall and persuasion effects like traditional advertising.
2.  Sponsorship operates through different cognitive processes than advertising utilizes.
3.  Advertising changes the audience perception of a specific product while sponsorship changes the consumer’s perception of a specific sponsor - which can rub off positively on the brands of that sponsor in terms of willingness to purchase those brands.
4.  Sponsorship positive business effects are maximized when:
a.  The target audience is highly involved in the subject of the program or event being sponsored.
b.  That audience perceives there to be a scarcity of content in the subject area relative to their appetite for it.
c.  The program/event is executed so as to produce a high level of satisfaction with the material by the audience.

Referring to the third hypotheses above, it is speculated that the perception of the sponsor changed in the direction of “those are pretty good folks, I ought to give them a fair chance.”

We might characterize this as Gratitude or Appreciation.  Scales such as Trust, Liking and Respect might also measure this dimension.  The perception of the sponsor has changed in a positive way, and as hypothesized, that change in perception of the sponsor - although the perception of the brands did not change - did positively change the consumer’s willingness to buy the brands.

…we would ascribe the primary sponsorship effect analyzed herein as belonging within the Persuasion Level.  It is a special case of persuasion where the people behind a brand become more attractive rather than the brand itself becoming directly more attractive through the increased perception of one or more of its valued benefits.

A consumer may change behavior based upon a perceived inequity in a situation.  One such perceived inequity situation might be feeling grateful for a sponsor having brought me a program, while I have not recently considered buying that sponsor’s product.

Our experienced producers and crews can provide professional video services.  Here’s what we can do:

Press Conference Coverage
Event Documentation
Corporate & Training Videos
Pre- & Post-Production
Lighting & Sound
Animation & Graphics
Music & Talent
Non-linear Editing
Beta, M2, DV & VHS

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