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Autoline Detroit is a half hour discussion program on Detroit Public Television.  Autoline Detroit is hosted by industry observer and expert John McElroy.  John moderates a panel of reporters as they discuss the weeks news and interview a top industry insider.




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Sunday - February 3, 2002
IN THE STUDIO:  Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird & the AUTOnomy concept Watch Autoline for an up close look at the AUTOnomy Concept, right here in our studio.  You won't want to miss this!!!

Special Guest:

Dr. Christopher Borroni-Bird
AUTOnomy Program Director
General Motors
Sunday - January 27, 2002
Jim Taylor - Vehicle Line Executive, Cadillac Special Guest:
Jim Taylor
Vehicle Line Executive

Panel of Journalists:
Bill Visnic - Ward's Auto World
Matt DeLorenzo - Road & Track

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