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SPEC-IT BID-IT BUY-IT is The Auto Channel's unique, innovative tool to help new consumers maximize their purchasing and negotiating potential.  Here's how it works: 

SPEC-IT: Use the information on TACH to help determine which exact car meets all your criteria. A TACH New Car Sticker will be generated. This form will include the make, model, and options chosen, along with actual factory codes, total MSRP, and dealer invoice cost. 

BID-IT: The completed form can be printed out and taken or faxed to the dealer(s) of your choice.  The form also includes a request that dealers provide additional information about themselves and how they do business.  You can also forward a copy of this form via e-Mail to any NADA member dealer in the U.S. for them to bid on your exact car.

BUY-IT: Because you can give the dealer the exact specs of the car you want to buy, you can compare apples-to-apples, and see which dealer will really make the best deal on the exact car you want to buy.

The SPEC-IT BID-IT BUY-IT form is automatically attached to the Buyers Guide results data that is retrieved after submitting a request for information.  As you scroll down the page, just click in the appropriate places and select the print command on your browser's menu.

For some advanced help on negotiating the lowest price, read Marc Rauch's TACHtical Advice for Making the Best Deal.

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