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All Makes | Crew Cab | Ram Truck | 2500 | 2015

Crew Cabs made by Ram Truck

Select trim for 2015 Ram Truck 2500
2WD Crew Cab 149" Big Horn$39,030
2WD Crew Cab 149" Laramie$45,400
2WD Crew Cab 149" Lone Star$39,030
2WD Crew Cab 149" Longhorn$51,000
2WD Crew Cab 149" Longhorn Limited$51,000
2WD Crew Cab 149" SLT$39,030
2WD Crew Cab 149" Tradesman$34,755
2WD Crew Cab 169" Big Horn$39,230
2WD Crew Cab 169" Laramie$45,600
2WD Crew Cab 169" Lone Star$39,230
2WD Crew Cab 169" Longhorn$51,200
2WD Crew Cab 169" Longhorn Limited$51,200
2WD Crew Cab 169" SLT$39,230
2WD Crew Cab 169" Tradesman$34,955
2WD Mega Cab 160.5" Big Horn$40,230
2WD Mega Cab 160.5" Laramie$46,600
2WD Mega Cab 160.5" Lone Star$40,230
2WD Mega Cab 160.5" Longhorn$52,200
2WD Mega Cab 160.5" Longhorn Limited$52,200
2WD Mega Cab 160.5" SLT$40,230
4WD Crew Cab 149" Big Horn$42,400
4WD Crew Cab 149" Laramie$49,090
4WD Crew Cab 149" Laramie Power Wagon$49,090
4WD Crew Cab 149" Lone Star$42,400
4WD Crew Cab 149" Longhorn$54,620
4WD Crew Cab 149" Longhorn Limited$54,620
4WD Crew Cab 149" Outdoorsman$42,400
4WD Crew Cab 149" Power Wagon$50,215
4WD Crew Cab 149" SLT$42,400
4WD Crew Cab 149" Tradesman$37,815
4WD Crew Cab 149" Tradesman Power Wagon$37,815
4WD Crew Cab 169" Big Horn$42,600
4WD Crew Cab 169" Laramie$49,290
4WD Crew Cab 169" Lone Star$42,600
4WD Crew Cab 169" Longhorn$54,820
4WD Crew Cab 169" Longhorn Limited$54,820
4WD Crew Cab 169" Outdoorsman$42,600
4WD Crew Cab 169" SLT$42,600
4WD Crew Cab 169" Tradesman$38,015
4WD Mega Cab 160.5" Big Horn$43,600
4WD Mega Cab 160.5" Laramie$50,290
4WD Mega Cab 160.5" Lone Star$43,600
4WD Mega Cab 160.5" Longhorn$55,820
4WD Mega Cab 160.5" Longhorn Limited$55,820
4WD Mega Cab 160.5" SLT$43,600
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