Top 5 Reasons to Buy the 2015 GMC Truck Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 4WD SLT Short Box


#1 - Reliability

#2 - Features/Luxury

#3 - Roominess

#4 - Style

#5 - Cargo Space

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#1: Reliability In my experiences the 5.3 liter engine is bulletproof. Hopefully this revised 5.3 liter proves to be the same.
#2: Features/Luxury The All-Terrain Edition has black leather seats with red stitching.
#3: Roominess The crew cab is very spacious. Storage under seats and plenty of leg room for most people over 6 feet tall.
#4: Style The All-Terrain Edition is sporty with an aggressive black grille and body-color matching front and rear bumpers.
#5: Cargo Space The short box is plenty big for most of what I need to haul yet the truck is short enough to park it in my garage.