Top 5 Reasons to Buy the 2010 Honda Ridgeline RTL w/ Leather and Navigation


#1 - Performance

#2 - Features/Luxury

#3 - Roominess

#4 - Drivability

#5 - Price

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#1: Performance Although an alternative to a big truck, the 5-passenger Honda Ridgeline has a half-ton payload rating.
#2: Features/Luxury Honda’s navigation system doesn’t require taking a crash course in computers. It is easy to use on the fly without taking your concentration off the road.
#3: Roominess One of the most desirable features on the Ridgeline is the 5-foot-long composite cargo bed able to haul two of Honda's largest off-road motorcycles or one full-sized 4-wheel ATV when the dual-action tailgate is extended down.
#4: Drivability The 3.5-liter engine displays serious inclining power up steep mountain roads, supported by the proactive and smooth-acting VTM-4 system with zero slippage on wet and icy conditions.
#5: Price For arounf $36k, you get a moonroof, leather-trimmed interior and heated seats -- plus Honda’s easy-to-use and comprehensive Satellite-Linked Navigation System.