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ISCARS Wide Open -- 6/11/2007
Show Contents:
The second race of the season rained out for the ISCARS Series, President Randy Claypoole explains the situation at Florence
We go close up with the ISCARS Technical Director
Wide Open brings back a classic finish from Nashville Speedway
ISCARS Wide Open -- 6/4/2007
Show Contents:
THE ISCARS Dash Series heads to Florence this week for their second race of the year
We'll take you for a ride around Florence Speedway to get the feel of the drivers there
Another tech tip with an inside look at the safety features of the DASH Series cars
ISCARS Wide Open -- 5/27/2007
Show Contents:
Florence Motor Speedway is the site of the next stop for the ISCARS Series. Field Producer Woody Cain takes us for a ride around a very historic race track
Wide Open takes you back to a classic finish, last year at Florence
We'll answer another of your viewer questions and bring you up to date on safety innovations in the ISCARS Dash Touring Series
ISCARS Wide Open -- 5/21/2007
Show Contents:
Former NBA Player Derek Strong looks at joining the ISCARS Dash Series to further his driving career
Veteran driver Ned Combs answers this week's question about seat belts in the Dash Series cars
Eric Andes of Go Fast Be Safe, talks about race car seating in this week's technical tip
ISCARS Wide Open -- 5/14/2007
Show Contents:
Rookie driver Gary Young turned some heads with his third-place finish at the season-opening race at Orange County
ISCARS Drivers talk about where they thing the series should be headed
Tech talk about the interior of ISCARS Race Cars with Scott Weaver
ISCARS Wide Open -- 5/7/2007
Show Contents:
The ISCARS Dash Series gets their 2007 campaign underway with a race at Orange County Speedway in North Carolina. Field Producer Woody Cain has the story
There are some new faces in the series this year and some familiar ones as well. We'll look at who's who in this year's ISCARS Dash field
Robert Black ran the NASCAR Busch Series for years, now he's the director of the ISCARS Dash Series. We'll introduce you to Robert on this week's show
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