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Inside Track
with Ted Laturnus and Tony Whitney

Ted & Tony's "Inside Track" is an innovative, magazine-style car review series of thirty minute programs. A host-driven program, "Inside Track" features internationally recognized automotive journalists Ted Laturnus and Tony Whitney.

This Siskel and Ebert-like interplay between Ted and Tony is the highlight of the show. Viewers get frank, outspoken, and often amusing comments on the automotive marketplace. Ted and Tony have over forty years of combined automotive journalism experience. Their newspaper and magazine columns are widely read and Ted and tony are fondly remembered by thousands of fans from their eight-year run on CBC-TV's "Driver's Seat".

Each episode consists of two vehicle reviews covering everything from the economic family hauler to the ultimate dream car. Special features, such as industry trends, advances in technology, accessories, the environment, safe driving, a "look back" to a collectible classic car auction, and others round out the topics that our viewers want to see. The show also features a do-it-yourself car care segment hosted by local celebrity, Zack Spencer.

"Inside Track" is entertaining, informative, and fast-paced. High production values and leading edge post-production technology give the show a polished, up-beat look. On-location filming of venues such as car manufacturing plant, promotional events, and auto shows bring the entire spectrum of the automobile industry to the viewer.

Tony Whitney

Tony has spent over twenty years writing for magazines and newspapers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. As an automotive journalist, his work is seen in such publications as the Vancouver Sun, Western Driver, Equity, Westworld, Fleet management Journal, Pick Up, 4x4, and SUV, and New Zealand 4WD and Sports Vehicles. Tony's role as co-host of CBC-TV's "Driver's Seat" for eight seasons continues to bring public recognition. As well, Tony is a regular commentator on CBC Radio, an automotive guest on CBC Newsworld, and a juror in the Detroit-based North American Car of the Year competition.

Tend Laturnus

Ted has extensive experience as an automotive journalist. For six seasons, he was co-host, scriptwriter, and associate producer of CBC-TV's "Driver's Seat". His automotive articles and columns appear in numerous publications including the Vancouver Province, Westworld, Globe & Mail, Report on Business Magazine, Skyworld Magazine, Today's Parent, Autopinion, automotive News, Financial Times, World of Wheels, and Carguide Magazine. As well, he is past president of the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada, and was named Canadian Automotive Journalist of the Year in 1988 and 1989.

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