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Jan 1, 2000

This weeks Show:
WERA GNF Road Atlanta Part 1
Final National endurance of the 1999 season. First 2 hours of this four-hour event are covered. Steve Brubaker of Race Tire Service-Dunlop provides a Tech Tip about measuring your tires when you change brands.
Jan 7, 2000

This weeks Show:
WERA GNF Road Atlanta Part 2. Conclusion of the four-hour endurance is presented with Team Chicago capturing the Middleweight SuperStock Championship. Then we look at the National Challenge Finals including Open, 750 & 600 SuperStock classes with comments of Joe Prussiano, Mark Junge and Lee Acree. Rap-up of the WERA/GPRA 125 final and a look at the awards banquet. Brian Healea of Leaning Lizards Racing make a speech.
Jan 14, 2000

This weeks Show:
Road Race School at Gingerman
Cold and chilly winds at this roadcourse in West Michigan greet the 30 or so brave students for this fall school. Lee Rigozzi conducts the classroom session teaching about the cornerworker's flags. The students take a track walk and ride on the track as we capture their comments.
Jan 21, 2000

The Race '99 Part 1

Dan Schmitt rides a 250 Praga in this 40 mile off-road race held in Western Illinois. We interview Greg Bitner, the Praga importer. Action from the 50cc and 60cc races is also shown. The Team Chicago Helmet-Cam bring the off-road action home.
Jan 28, 2000

The Race '99 Part 2

The five wave start begins this toughest, baddest off-road motorcycle race in the USA. With tough water-crossings and mud-bogs, the field is whittled down at the end. Phil Converse, the factory backed Praga racer, is interviewed.
Feb 4, 2000

Bitter End Enduro
Come along with Dan Schmitt riding his '89 Yamaha WR 250 on this AMA District 17 Enduro. Open fields and tight woods lay ahead as Dan Battles to stay on his minute. The Team Chicago Helmet-Cam captures all the action. Ivan Espaa, a mechanic at 4 & 6 Cycle, relates his first adventure into the world of off-road racing.
Feb 11, 2000

Legends & Toys
"Mixing the largest TOY FOR TOTS parade in the Nation with the Legends of Chicagoland Motorcycle Racing Brunch, this show features riding the 2000 Aprilia Mille and great speaches from some of the Chicagoland Legends. Travel along down Western Ave in Chicago."
Feb 18, 2000

#599 Ice Race Practice
We travel to Wisconsin to check out the Team Chicago WR250 Yamaha. We meet up with some ice racers with Triumph motorcycles. We then look back at some of the great ice racing event from the past.
Feb 25, 2000

"We review some of the action over the years. First we look at the action of an 8-Hour WERA Endurance at Grattan Raceway in 1991. We then check out dirt riding at Lake Elisa, Indiana. We then check out the ice racing action from 1991, the first show using Betacam. Finally, we review the 1999 Championship season."
March 3, 2000

#601 Antigo Ice Race Part 1
"In Antigo, Wisconsin at the Langlade County Fairgrounds is the fastest Ice track in the County. This one-half mile track allows speeds up to 90 mph. We check out the heat races for motorcycles, quads, and 3-wheeled ATV's. With comments from some of the races, we check out the action."
March 10, 2000

#602 Antigo Ice Race Part 2
"Showing the TT heats for quads and motorcycles with the Team Chicago Helmet Camera, the Finals arethen presented. Interview with Shane Krueger of Antigo along with comments from some of the racers."
March 17, 2000

Show #603 3-Hour Ice Race Enduranc Part 1
"The start of this 3-hour ice race held on Lake Koshkonog just west of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. Comments from the various racers included. Racing on a 2 mile ice course with 64 turns. Team Chicago Helmet-Camera brings the action home."
March 24, 2000

#604 3-Hour Ice Race Enduranc Part 2
"Conclusion of this 3-hour ice race on this multi-turn ice track. Battle to the end between the Gilkey team and Fredette team is watched with Lake Country's 125 Honda running great. Fredette Racing picks up the win overall. Trophy presentation included with the McKillicutty Girls."
March 31, 2000

#605 Friday Night Ice Race
"Racing in front of the Sunset Tavern on Lake Koshkonog in Wisconsin, this night race presents some great short track ice racing action. Action covered with the Team Chicago Helmet Camera."
April 07, 2000

#606 Oshkosh Winterfest Part 1
"In the bay on Lake Winnebago at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this event features motorcycles and quads. Thousands of fans and over one-hundred racers showed up for some great ice race action. Interview with 2 roadracers from Fond du lac who turn to ice racing in the winter to stay in shape. The heat races are shown in this show."
April 14, 2000

#607 Oshkosh Winterfest Part 2
"The finals are shown. From 80cc mini's and quads to the big 750 twins the action heats up as the racers battle for trophies and money. The Team Chicago Helmet-Camera shows the high speed action on the ice."
April 21, 2000

#608 2000 International Motorcycle Show
"Looking at the new 2000 models of Japanese, American and European motorcycle at the Expo Center in Rosemont, Illinois. The Team Extreme Trials Team perform a spectacular demonstration of 'trials riding'."
April 28, 2000

#609 AHRMA Nationals in Florida
"Riding Kris Jepson's TD3 250 Yamaha we look at the track at DeLand Airport. We check the racing action in Formula 250, Class C, Formula 750, 500 Sportsman, 350 Sportsman, 250 GP, Skorpion, Super Mono2 and Laverda. At Daytona, the 350 GP race is looked at with an interview with the winner, 7-times World Champion, Jim Redman."
May 05, 2000

#610 PACE MS Aprilia Cup Challenge
"Working with the crew from Mototek Imports in Austin, Texas we ride and qualify for the PACE promoted Aprilia Cup Challenge Race. We check out the practice, qualifying and race with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera. We meet the crew from Mototek and watch the maintence of this v-twin 250cc two-stroke engine."
May 12, 2000

#611 United Off-Road Racers
"As we ride on this 4-mile off-road event with the Team Chicaga Helmet-Camera in the C Class, we flash to the 50cc & 60cc races. We watch the start of the 100cc class and show the swamp as the Pros, A's and B's race in West Illinois."
May 19, 2000

#612 TEAM CHICAGO FREE Roadrace School
"At Grattan Raceway located 15 miles NE of Grand Rapids, Michigan, Team Chicago conducts their 8th Annual FREE Roadrace School. Over 125 students learned how to roadrace. Part of the Roadracing Seminar by Leaning Lizard Racing held at Kersting's Cycle Center in Indiana is also covered."
May 26, 2000

#613 WERA National Memphis Motspt Park Pt.1
"The first WERA National Endurance Race of 2000. We begin this 4-Hour race with Steve Karson riding the Team Chicago Yamaha R-6. The Team Chicago Tech Tip show how to install a WER Steering Damper. Two and one-half hours of this race are covered."
June 02, 2000

#614 WERA National Memphis Motspt Park Pt.2
"The conclusion of the WERA 4-Hour National Endurance Race. Additionally, we install the AIM My Chron Lap Timing System on the Yamaha R-6 as the Team Chicago Tech Tip. In the Team Chicago Travel-log we visit Graceland, Metropolis, Illinois (home of Superman), and Wheels through Time Museum in Mount Vernon, Illinois. Of the WERA National Challenge Series races on Sunday we show D Superbike, 600 SuperStock, 600 Production and Open SuperStock."
June 09, 2000

#615 Little Muddy Enduro 2000
"Just north of Morrison, Illinois, this AMA District 17 Enduro begins at 10:00 AM. With the TEAM CHICAGO HELMET-CAMERA, we show the trails used in this enduro. Also included are the comments of some of the competitors. Additional, we look at the Quad Grass Drags held at Blackhawk Farms Raceway in South Beloit, Illinois."
June 16, 2000

#616 WERA National Texas World Part 1
"We travel to College Station, Texas for the second WERA National of 2000. Showing the start of this 6-hour race we watch the action on this roadcourse located within the 2 mile oval. In the Team Chicago Tech Tip we show how to properly install a drive chain as we install a new Regina 520 chain. One hour and twenty minutes into this race, Dan Schmitt crashes the R-6 and this is captured on the TEAM CHICAGO Helmet-Camera. The show ends with the restart after 2 hours of racing."
June 23, 2000

#617 WERA National Texas World Part 2
"The Conclusion of the WERA 6-Hour National Endurance Race. We cover the last 4 hours showing the action between Arclight Suzuki and Northwest Honda. In the Team Chicago Travel-log we visit Chester, Illinois (home of Popeye, the sailor man) and we ride the Titan Motorcycle provided by Illinois Harley-Davidson. Of the WERA National Challenge races we check out 125GP, Open SuperStock, 600 SuperStock, 600 Production and 750 SuperStock."
July 07, 2000

#619 WERA Nat'l Atlanta M/S Part 1
"With a roadcourse within the 2 mile oval at Atlanta Motor Speedway, we tackle this 4 hour national endurance race. As the race gets underway, we check out how a motorcycle gets measured on the GMD Computrack at 4 & 6 Cycle in Chicago.Riding with the TEAM CHICAGO HELMET CAMERA, the second hour racing action is presented. Pit stop action is also included in this show from Georgia."
July 14, 2000

#620 WERA Nat'l Atlanta M/S Part 2
"Conclusion of this 4-hour GMD Computrack sponsored WERA National Endurance. With more racing action, the race is red flagged at the 2:40 mark with a crash. Another crash on the warm-up lap causes the race to be ended early. Also included are the highlights of the WERA National Challenge Series races on Sunday. The races featured are 1100 SuperStock, 600 Production, 125 GP, 600 SS, 750SS and Formula Two."
July 21, 2000

#621 WERA Nat'l Indy (IRP) Part 1
"Just west of Indianapolis is the roadcourse around the famous drag-strip at Indianapolis Raceway Park. This is the fourth WERA National Endurance for 2000. After the stact of this race and as the teams sort themselves out, we travel back to 4 & 6 Cycle to show how to prepare the AirTech fiberglass bodywork for painting. The racing action is shown from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd hours with footage from the pits and the TEAM CHICAGO HELMET CAMERA."
July 28, 2000

#622 WERA Nat'l Indy (IRP) Part 2
"The finish of this 4-hour National with WERA plus we travel to North Judson, Indiana to Kersting's Harley-Davidson, Yamaha & Kawasaki to pick up the 2000 Yamaha R-6. While at Kersting's we check out an unidentifiable '10's or teens motorcycle. There is a reward to anyone who can identify this motorcycle. The National Challenge races shown include Open SuperStock, 600 Production, 600 SS, 125 GP, 750 SS, 750 Production and Formula 2."
August 04, 2000

#623 WERA Nat'l Talladega Part 1

"Just east of Talladega, Alabama is the newly paved 1.3 mile roadcourse called the Talladega GP Track. This is the site of the 6-Hour WERA National Endurance sponsored by GMD Computrack. A brief rain shower came before the start but stopped. The teams had to start on a wet track. As the teams carefully race this wet track, we travel to Hammond, Indiana for the 'Open House' at Xtreme Motorsports. Team Chicago has its own 'Open House' as Steve Karson opens the box of boots and gloves from ALPINESTAR. Coverage continues through the 4th hour with Helmet Camera footage and the action in the pits."
August 11, 2000

#624 WERA Nat'l Talladega Part 2

"The Conclusion of this 6-Hour Endurance race with Team Chicago charging at the end. As part of the Sunday's National Challenge races, the 600 SuperStock, 750SS and Open SS along with the 125 GP race and 600 Production are highlighted."
August 18, 2000

#625 WERA Nat'l Gateway Part 1

"Gateway International Raceway is just east of St. Louis. This 6-Hour WERA National would start at 5:00 PM and race through 11:00 PM. After the start and as the teams sort themselves out, the Team Chicago Tech Tip shows the TEAM CHICAGO R-6 Yamaha on the dyno at 4 & 6 Cycle as we test Torco Racing Fuel and pick up 2 horsepower with this fuel. With the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera we show this roadcourse including the fast infield. Action is followed through the 3rd hour."
August 25, 2000

#626 WERA Nat'l Gateway Part 2

"As evening falls in West Illinois, a red flag bring a re-start of this 6-hour race. With the re-start, the action is covered by the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera. Showing the action in the pits and on this darken track, the checkered-flag falls at 11:00 PM. In Sunday's National Challenge race, highlights from the 600 & 750 SuperStock, 125 GP, 750 Production and 600 SuperBike for Novices."
September 1, 2000

#627 "AHRMA National 1/2 Mile Ashland, OH"

"This vintage 1/2 mile race is held in the Fairgrounds of Ashland County. The Classic 500/750, Sportsman 600, Super Senior and '70 Singles heat races are covered along with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera in the Sportsman 750 Class.Dee Johnson of D's Leathers is interviewed. Under the lights, as the finals roll to the line, Classic 250, Classic 500/750, Sportsman 250 and 600 are featured."
September 8, 2000

#628 GLRRA 6-hr. Enduran. at Grattan Part 1

"This 6-Hour Endurance sanctioned by Great Lakes Road Racing Assoc. held at Grattan Raceway in Michigan begins with the warm-up lap. Twenty-five teams charged into turn one with the drop of the green flag. Back at 4 & 6 Cycle in Chicago, we show how to install new brake pads on a modern motorcycle. After 2 1/2 hours of racing, a red flag created a restart featuring the Team Chicago Helmet Camera."
September 15, 2000

#629 GLRRA 6-hr. Enduran. at Grattan Part 2

"Conclusion of this 6-Hour race in Michigan. With comments from fellow competitors, we follow the racing action from the 4th hour through the final hour. After 5 hours and 40 minutes, Team Chicago is in a dead heat with Decker Boys. Without enough fuel to finish, TC settles for 2nd Overall and 1st in Class."
September 22, 2000

#630 WERA Nat'l Summit Point

"Racing in West Virginia, this 4-Hour National begins on this newly paved race track. As the teams sort themselves out, we head back to 4 & 6 Cycle in Chicago and show how to install new 520 chain sprockets from Sprocket Specialist. Without the helmet-camera, Dan Schmitt is crashed out during the second hour. Steve Karson carries on to finish this race."
September 29, 2000

#631 WERA Nat'l Virginia Part 1

"At this new and beautiful track located on the Virginia-North Carolina border, the teams get ready for this 6-Hour WERA Endurance. After the start, back at $ & 6 Cycle we measure to fit new Spiegler steel-braided brake lines. Watching the pit stops, we follow the racing action through the 4th hour. Steve Karson carries the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera to show this 22 turn roadcourse."
October 06, 2000

#632 WERA Nat'l Virginia Part 2

"As we get into the 5th hour, Steve Karson crashed with the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera. Towards the end of 6 hour race 4 teams are aiming for the victory. In the end, it is Arclight winning. On Sunday, we cover the National Challenge sprint races including Open SuperSport, 750 Production, 600 SS and 125 GP."
October 13, 2000

#633 Ducati Trackfest at Grattan

"Working with the crew from MCC (MotorCycle Center) in Villa Park, Illinois we check out this Monday special ride at Grattan Raceway in Michigan. With comments from the owner and customers of MCC, we gain insight into the loyality of these Ducati owners. With the Team Chicago Helmet-Camera, a rider's view is shown."
October 20, 2000

#634 Sotheby's Auction & M/C Museums

"Sotheby's, the Auction House in Chicago, planned their 2nd Annual Motorcycle Auction on Sept. 16, 2000. We take a look at the bikes up for auction. Plus, we check out the motorcycle museums at Illinois H-D (with Jerry Kiesow giving the discriptions), Kersting's Cycle Center, and Wheels Through Time."
October 27, 2000

#635 WERA 24-Hour National at Willow Springs Part 1

"The start of this 24-Hour National Endurance in the Mojave Desert. This 2.7 mile roadcourse provides an excellent venue. As the team settle in after the start, footage from Bonnieville Salt Flats is shown.Racing with Moto-Heaven.Com, Dan Schmitt takes the Yamaha R-6 into the sunset to end part 1. "
November 03, 2000

#636 WERA 24-Hour National at Willow Springs Part 2

"Racing action at night with pit stops and comments, the race continues. We travel to Bates Leathers and Dana Grindle explains their principles on racing leathers and boots. Night time racing is also view with the Team Chicago Helmet Camera."
November 10, 2000

#637 WERA 24-Hour National at Willow Springs Part 3

"Riding the Moto-Heaven.COM R-6 Yamaha, the dawn breaks in the east on the Team Chicago Helmet Camera. Watching the racing action, reporting the hourly updates and checking out the action in the pits, the 24-Hour ends at twelve noon. Comments from winning team VESRAH RACING'S Mark Joung and Art Fujii, along with comments from YAMAHA'S Jay Tanner and Mike Sera."
November 17, 2000

#638 AHRMA Nat'l Peoria

"Starting out covering four sections of the National Vintage Trials event held during Sunday morning, we then show the start of the racing on the world famous T.T. track at the Peoria Motorcycle Club Clubgrounds. After showing the action of the 250 Classic class and Dinosaur class, we travel back in the past to show the action from the June 20, 1948 race. The show concludes with the 600 Sportsmans class and the Seventy's Single class."
November 24, 2000

#639 WERA GNF Road Atlanta Part 1

"On Friday of the Grand National Finale weekend, the final National Endurance takes place. This 4-Hour National begins at noon. After the start of this race, the Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to install Speigler Brake Lines and how to bleed the front brake system. With extensive coverage with the Team Chicago Helmet Camera, we cover this race through the third hour."
December 01, 2000

#640 WERA GNF Road Atlanta Part 2

"We continue the National Endurance coverage at Road Atlanta, just northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. Additional coverage is provide by the Team Chicago Helmet Camera.The racing continues to the dramatic end. Steve Brubaker from Race Tire Service Dunlop provides the tech tip about your tires and winter storage. Three national finals are covered including 600 SuperStock, 125 GP and Formula 2."
December 08, 2000

#641 The RACE Part 1

"Just south of Morrison, Illinois, the Saturday off-road event takes place at the Bike Barn. We watch the action in the 50cc and 65cc-100cc classes. The main event is a 40 mile race for motorcycle rated by age of bike. The Team Chicago Helmet Camera takes you on the ride. We head back to 4 & 6 Racing in Skokie, Illinois to install Moose Handguards on the Yamaha YZ-250W as the Team Chicago Tech Tip. The racing continues with some shots of the Quads at the main water-crossing."
December 15, 2000

#642 The RACE Part 2

"The Final event of the Parts Unlimited Off-Road Championship takes place on Sunday at the Bike Barn. Over 130 riders in 8 classes take the four wave start. As these riders challenge the two fifty mile loops of this one-hundred mile race, the Bill Gusse Helmet Camera shows tight action as Bill follows Gary Gibbs of MOOSE Off-Road Products in a high speed duel. At the end, we show some of the top ten racers flash across water and fields in Western Illinois."
December 22, 2000

#643 Bitter End Enduro Part 1

"The Final Enduro of AMA's District 17 take place just west of Rock Falls, Illinois. With a 10:00 AM start, the riders leave four at a time every minute. With the Team Chicago Helmet Camera we leave 21 minutes after the Key Time. As the foursomes challenge the hill and dale of West Illinois, the Team Chicago Tech Tip shows how to install the MOOSE Chain Rollers. The action continues through the first check point."
December 29, 2000

#644 Bitter End Enduro Part 2

"The off-road action continues with scenes of riders meeting the challenge of this timed event. Various riders comment about riding enduros. A group of rookie riders enjoy themselves at the main water crossing. The Team Chicago Helmet Camera show the action through the end of this 73 mile event."
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