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  • Bobby Labonte
  • Mike Skinner
  • Dale Jarrett

Raceline is a racing news program covering the NASCAR Winston Cup, Busch Series, and Craftsman Truck Series. Each episode will review the previous weeks races and preview the coming weeks action in the form of track highlights and in-pit one-on-one driver interviews. The production team travels to each Winston Cup race and to most Busch Series races to capture the latest stories on all the top drivers. Each program will also report the current NASCAR point standings and the audience will find the tech-tips segment very helpful. NASCAR has become the largest spectator sport around and will continue to grow with Raceline committed to professionally provide current information to keep the audience up to date.

Joe Moore Host of Raceline

Raceline host Joe Moore is a familiar sight at NASCAR racetracks around the country. He is the lead turn announcer for the Motor Racing Network (MRN), based in Daytona Beach, Florida. MRN broadcasts over 50 events a year to a network of some 400 radio stations across the country, and worldwide on the services American Forces Radio Network. Moore has been with the company for 10 years, announcing from the turns and sometime from the co-anchor position.

Before his involvement with MRN, Moore was a PA announcer at several Virginia and North Carolina short tracks including:

  • Langley Raceway in Hampton, VA
  • Dixieland Speedway in Elizabeth City, NC
  • Virginia Raceway in Saluda, VA
  • Richmond International Raceway in Richmond, CA

Joe Moore's career started in the radio business, working part-time for several stations in his hometown of Wilmington, NC before finishing high school. Later, the U.S. Army called, and Moore was chosen to work with the American Forces Radio and Television Network as announcer and personality, a position he held for three years in Thailand.

When Joe returned to the states, he went back to radio. Joe worked at WHSL and WGNI in Wilmington before moving to Virginia with WWDE (2WD) Radio. Moore was part of the morning show of five years, announcing news and sports as well as filling in for the lead announcer. From there, it was station ownership. Moore and a partner purchased WPEX-AM and ran that operation for six years before selling and joining the MRN crew.

A typical week now for Joe Moore includes traveling each weekend to the races, producing Raceline and working at WPEN-TV during the week, and finally, hosting a local racing radio show in the Norfolk area. This busy schedule is balanced by a wife and two children, both of whom are pursuing careers in music.

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