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4:15pm ET Friday, January 15th (Archive available NOW)

Hickory, NC, January 13, 1999-- History will be made this Friday at 4:15 PM E.S.T. when Busch Grand National Series driver, Lyndon Amick, will announce his 1999 season plans, broadcast live over the Internet from the Busch Preview in Hickory, North Carolina.

Fans will get the inside scoop on the Busch Preview and have a front row seat to Lyndon’s press conference right in the comfort of their own homes. Launching for the first time on Friday, and from a new and fresh perspective, will carry the BGN feed live, and fans can watch the preview events unfold by logging onto the site. Lyndon is expected to announce SCANA, Powertel, Knology, Ericsson, and Innovative Systems, Design and Networking, Inc. (ISDN) as joint partners in his technology based racing program.

This year will be a year for innovation and creativity and Amick plans to “take the fans deeper inside the sport,” he says. Through this “novel approach,” Lyndon will tell the story of his season one chapter at a time, according to Amick. Stay tuned.

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Local Internet connectivity for this cybercast was graciously provided by Wave Communications,
(828)326-WAVE, Hickory, North Carolina.

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