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KARNAC.com Racin' Talk Radio
hosted by Rick Anges and Hans Nieborg

Rick Anges - Co-Host and Editor for Florida Stock Car Racing
Rick is a veteran demo derby racer, a race fan for 40 years, and has been covering racing in Florida for the past four years with KARNAC.com

Hans Nieborg -Co-Host and Editor for Southern Short Track Magazine
Hans is an Engineer by trade and after 30 years as a race fan, stock car driver, motorcycle racer. He has been writing for KARNAC.com for the last two years.

Craig Clarke -Producer of the show
Craig is owner of Track Rescue, one of the top Safety Teams for motorsports in the U.S., and travels the country with the Hooters ProCup as their Safety Chief. Craig has many years of talk radio experience.

Mike Daughtery -Engineer and NASCAR Commentary
Mike is huge NASCAR fan and has 35 years of radio broadcast experience. He does a cutting edge commentary on NASCAR each week.

Jay Parrish- DIRT Reporters for KARNAC.com
Jay does a weekly roundup of the top dirt news. He covered the dirt shows at Bristol last year, as well as Eldora and other top dirt events. Hios home track is East Bay Raceway near Tampa, Fl.

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