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Join us each week for this informative program hosted by Gregory Von Dare. "In The Driver's Seat" provides new viehicle reviews, test drives, aftermarket product reviews, classic car profiles, and consumer and industry information.

Creator of "In The Driver's Seat," Gregory Von Dare is an experienced automaotive journalist and broadcaster. He has written dozens of articles for some of the leading automotive consumer magazines such as "Motor Trend" and "Road & Track Special Editions." He has also written extensively for "AutoWeek" and was the founding editor for "Truck & Sports Utility Performance." He has written two automotive history books, the exciting "Corvette Racers" and "Lincoln 1945-1995" which was distributed by the Lincoln Division at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in 1996. He also provided much of the text for Cindy Lewis' elegant photographic book "Porsche: The Fine Art of the Sports Car."

Von Dare has also appeared on video and on TV as an automotive expert and has toured the USA giving seminars for dealership personnel on new technologies in the car business. He was the automotive analyst for Financial Broadcasting Network, with his own weekly radio program in the late 1980's and is currently a correspondent for "Studio 38" on Voice of America, reporting on car culture in the USA for a global audience. He has been the voice of "In The Driver's Seat" since 1986 and continues to personally write, produce and host every weekly program today.

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