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Drag Racing Tonight

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Dear Race Fans,

Due to problems beyond our control, Drag Racing Tonight will no longer air on WAPJ FM or The Auto Channel.

I want to take this time to thank all who have made this dream possible. To the racers, you welcomed us with open arms, and told us your stories, and for that Art and I are forever greatfull. To the listeners, you are the best in the world. You are why Drag Racing will always be America's motorsport.

To The Auto Channel, you will never be forgotten. You made it possible for the world to speak to their heros. Mark, Harley, Larkin, and Paula, you guys are the best.

Maybe in the future we will meet again, at the track or someday again on the air. But we will always be family.


Past Cybercasts

Drag Racing Tonight hosted by Bob and Art Benedict, can be heard every Monday night at 8:30pm ET.
E-mail your questions or comments to Bob and Art at

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