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Listening to good advice

Today, more listeners are tuning into the C.A.R. Show for expert advice. The syndicated, two hour radio call-in show with Roger Kwapich, Dan Pietras and Steve Stewart, covers miles and miles of vital topics, from trouble-shooting and preventative maintenance to automotive news and views. And there are always a few surprises too! The C.A.R. Show is "unique", "informative" and "entertaining", appealing to everyone.

A proven track record

For the past seven years (more than 300 programs), people have been listening to Roger Kwapich talk about cars. And, during each program, the phone lines are jammed with callers - evidence that in today's high-tech automotive age there's a real need for a program like the C.A.R. Show. People really listen, so it's the kind of show that benefits the listeners and advertisers.

The voice of experience

Years of automotive expertise and hands-on experience make Roger Kwapich one of the most credible hosts in talk radio today. His background includes technical and service work, as well as management at auto repair facilities and dealerships. Additionally, Roger worked with Champion Spark Plug for sixteen years in many areas of testing and training. Over the years he has trained thousands of technicians, shop owners and members of sales staffs & engineering groups. Roger is also a graduate of the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, is ASE certified and remains very involved in the automotive industry.

With twenty-nine certifications, Dan Pietras is one of a handful of World-Class Certified Technicians. His twenty-plus years of experience, coupled with the certifications, make him an excellent resource during The C.A.R. Show. He really knows his 'stuff!'

Steve Masters, with twenty-six years of broadcasting experience, including a variety of automotive related shows, is a self proclaimed "car buff". Steve claims to know just enough about cars "to be dangerous." His sense of humor and natural inquisitive nature helps roundout The C.A.R. Show team.

For more information, visit The C.A.R. Show Web Site.

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