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Automotive Enthusiast/Consumer News Show
with Steve Ford

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This Week's Show:
"Horsepower Without Limits":
Biography with Ed Pink, Ed Pink Racing Engines
Date: 09/15/98
Time: 08:00pm est

Show Topic:
From all-out hot rod racing on the dry lake beds of California with the biggest names like his close friend Vic Edelbrock, Sr., in the early "hop-up" culture Ed Pink has gone on to become one of the premier racing engine builders in the world. In 1965 he formalized his racing engine talent by establishing his Van Nuys, Calif.-based ED PINK RACING ENGINES and in the ensuing years has produced engines with horsepower figures that exceed 2,500 hp. Having produced winning powerplants for just about every type of motorsports vehicle -- from Top Fuel Funny Cars and boats to world-class open-wheel race cars -- in this segment Ed Pink joins The Car Guy's Show to revisit highlights of his ongoing racing career. In addition to a biography visit with this racing legend, "Horsepower Without Limits" takes TACH listeners inside the world of engine building for Pink's views on engines from all the continents of the globe. If your "power-hungry," this shows for you!

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Steve Ford, THE CAR GUY, holds one of the strongest combinations of in-depth national marketing knowledge, hands-on automotive service experience, and consumer reporting abilities in the mass media. His blend of being an accomplished automotive service technician and award-winning journalist gives him keen insights into the needs of contemporary motorists.

With a career commitment to utilizing his multi-media skills and automotive credentials to assist the public, Ford has achieved journalism successes across a broad spectrum of media. In addition to being a four-time winner of the prestigious International Automotive Media Conference (IAMC) "Moto" award for automotive reporting in radio, television, syndicated newspapers and trade/technical columns for the professional auto-service industry, he has also earned the IAMC "Silver Medallion" for Internet Digital Audio/Cybercast reporting on the World Wide Web and a Detroit Press Foundation "Wheels" Award for outstanding automotive journalism in broadcast news. In addition to IAMC journalism awards, Ford's automotive press materials and media campaigns have earned the International Association of Business Communicators 1st-place "Ace" award, Publicity Club of Los Angeles 1st-place "Pro" award, and Public Relations Society of America 1st-place "Protos" award.

Education & Experience

As an automotive industry professional, Ford has developed insights and depth from more than 20 years in the field. While a youngster, his zest for automobiles was so great that his high-school auto-shop teacher called him a "car-a-holic," and encouraged him to supplement his high-school shop training with night courses in advanced automotive service at an occupational center. Ford completed the occupational program, along with more than 10 semesters (550 hours) of high-school shop class, and earned his California Bureau of Automotive Repair Tune Up and Emission Control License prior to receiving his high-school diploma. Upon graduation from high school, Ford earned an award from the Pacific Automotive Show as one of the "Top Ten Automotive Technical Students in the Western United States."

Throughout his subsequent years as a dealership and independent repair shop auto technician, Ford attended college at night. His enjoyment of marketing studies and interest in sales promotion led him to work as automotive manufacturers' representative. This experience, combined later with college experience, enabled Ford to work as a key automotive account product specialist at the leading national advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi/DFS. After serving several years in a national advertising agency while continuing college at night, Ford left full-time work to dedicate his final year-and-a-half of college on a full-time basis.

After earning a bachelor's degree in marketing communications, Ford entered the broadcast media. At Los Angeles radio station 93 KHJ, he reported daily automotive consumer features as THE CAR GUY. Ford also continued automotive advertising and public relations agency work, which has provided him with national marketing experience helping achieve campaign and sales successes for auto manufacturers/ distributors, specialty tool, global auto supplier, industry association and service businesses.

Ford is a member of the International Motor Press Association, Motor Press Guild, Automotive Press Association, International Automotive Technicians' Network and Service Technicians Society, and holds advanced-level professional technician certification by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) in Engine Performance (L1 - Engine Computer Controls & Emission Systems).

Awards Won By Steve Ford, THE CAR GUY

 International Wheel Awards - 1998:
	Detroit Press Foundation
	3rd Place:  All Broadcast Media - Best News Programming
 International Automotive Media Conference - 1997:
	"Moto" 1st Place   -  TV News - Topical Short Features
	"Moto" 1st Place   -  Newspaper: Regular Column/Syndicated
	"Moto" 1st Place   -  Newsletter: Technical/Trade Column
	Silver Medallion   -  Internet/World Wide Web: Digital Audio Program

 International Automotive Media Conference - 1996:
	"Moto" 1st Place   -  Radio/News Programming: Short Features
	Silver Medallion   -  Radio/Live Weekly Show: Feature Programming
	Silver Medallion   -  Newspaper: Regular Column/Syndicated
	Silver Medallion   -  TV News - Topical Short Features
	Bronze Medallion   -  Newspaper: Features/Syndicated

 Publicity Club of Los Angeles - 1994:
	Annual "Pro" Award - 1st Place/Overall, Media Campaign

 International Association of Business Communicators - 1993:
	Annual "Ace" Award - 1st Place/Overall, Press Materials 

 Public Relations Society of America - 1992:
	Annual "Protos" Award - 1st Place/Overall, Press Materials

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