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Mike, Jack, & Ed on Location
at The Aftermarket Show in Las Vegas

Hosted by: Mike Anson and Jack Nerad

Tenth Anniversary Contest

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This Week's Show:
Topic: Pioneering inventors have come up with numerous devices to improve automotive performance
Guest: Dr. Chris Jacobs, automotive inventor
Date: 04/10/99
Time: 11:00am est

America and the Automobile

America and the automobile, it's been a special relationship from the beginning. Now celebrating it's TENTH YEAR ON THE AIR, there's AMERICA ON THE ROAD, a program developed around this synergy! Not a fix-it show, this radio series is built on that love affair that Americans have with their cars.

Starting with reports on all the newest cars and trucks, trends from automotive capitals around the world and road tests of the hottest new models, AMERICA ON THE ROAD will keep you involved. Add feature reports on the latest accessories in automotive fashion and design, interviews with the industry's best known movers and shakers and include lots of listener calls, and you've got 337 a complete, high-profile radio newsmagazine!

Your Hosts: Mike Anson and Jack Nerad

Mike and Jack are automotive experts. Both are former editors of Motor Trend Magazine, and both have done extensive automotive TV reporting on ESPN, TNN, CBS and NBC. There's also the nationally syndicated AMERICA ON THE ROAD newspaper column appearing each week in major newspapers across the country.

Jack is the author of the currently hot-selling book, "Fatal Photographs" It's the true story of a famous automotive photographer who murders a beautiful model.

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