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Cute UTE!
Mazda has come out with its first Sport Utility Vehicle since the departure of the Navaho five years ago. The Mazda Tribute rides like a car! But, it’s rugged enough…maybe not to take seriously off-road…but, at least to get you through snow.

Baby Benz
First they built the Sedan, and now a 2-door version is available as well. I’m talking about the Mercedes C-class. The Sedan was such a big hit, that Mercedes built a baby version too. It’s called the C-Class Sports Coupe. And, when it comes to performance and design, this vehicle is cutting edge.

Old Styling, OK Car
For nearly two decades, the Cavalier has been a staple for Chevy dealers. And, understandably so. It’s good solid transportation. And, it’s price is low…often less expensive than smaller cars. But, news about the Cavalier isn’t all rosy. It’s an old car…with an outdated design.

Rack 'Em Up!
Minivans, sport utilities and pick-up trucks are all about utility and versatility. They’re designed to carry people and their stuff, no matter what that stuff happens to be. Yet, we keep seeing more and more of these vehicles with racks and boxes and platforms so they can carry even more gear and more equipment. We wondered what was going on here, so we asked one of the experts in the business.

The Best Get Better!
I’m talking about minivans. Chrysler was the first to roll out a garage-able, first front-drive minivan, and it has owned that market ever since. But today Chrysler is facing formidable competition, so to make sure it stayed out in front, it completely re-designed its minivans and introduced a number of neat features that its competitors don’t have.

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