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1999 True Value IROC XXIII Final Race

August 5-6, 1999

Finish  Order

PlaceCar NumberDriverSeriesCar Color
1st#2Mark MartinNASCAR/Winston CupMEDIUM BLUE
2nd#5Jeff GordonNASCAR/Winston Cup SeriesCREAM
3rd#12Eddie Cheever Jr.Pep Boys Indy Racing LeagueORANGE
4th#4Bobby LabonteNASCAR/Winston Cup SeriesROSE
5th#3Rusty WallaceNASCAR/Winston Cup SeriesPOWDER BLUE
6th#10Dale JarrettNASCAR/Winston Cup SeriesLIME
7th#11Jeff BurtonNASCAR/Winston Cup SeriesRED
8th#7Dale EarnhardtNASCAR/Winston Cup SeriesYELLOW
9th#9Dave MarcisNASCAR/Winston Cup SeriesVIOLET
10th#6Kenny BrackPep Boys Indy Racing LeagueDARK BLUE
11th#7Dale Earnhardt Jr.NASCAR/Busch Grand National SeriesGOLD
12th#8Greg MooreCART/FedEx Championship SeriesSILVER
* Dave Marcis substituting for Adrian Fernandez

Starting  Lineup

Entry #DriverLeaguePointsRow
1Dale EarnhardtNASCAR/Winston Cup686
2Mark MartinNASCAR/Winston Cup486
3Rusty WallaceNASCAR/Winston Cup405
4Bobby LabonteNASCAR/Winston Cup395
5Jeff GordonNASCAR/Winston Cup324
6Kenny BrackPep Boys Indy Racing League294
7Dale Earnhardt Jr.NASCAR/Busch Grand National253
8Greg MooreCART/FedEx Championship Series223
9Adrian Fernandez CART/FedEx Championship Series222
10Dale JarrettNASCAR/Winston Cup Series212
11Jeff BurtonNASCAR/Winston Cup Series181
12Eddie Cheever Jr.Pep Boys Indy Racing League141

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