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"Inside Motorsports" , Hosted by Craig Revell, brings you all the motorsports news from Australia.

Inside Motor Sport has been running in Canberra for seven years on Triple S FM. Inside Motor Sport's National Edition has been running weekly on the Community Radio Satellite (ComRadSat) for four years. ComRadSat has 127 affiliated stations across Australia, and is growing swiftly. The majority of ComRadSat's large network is located in regional and rural Australia. Inside Motor Sport has also been running weekly on for the past 2 1/2 years.

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January 20, 2002

Report/Guest           Topic                         
                     WRC Monte Carlo news
BarryLane            Ray Revell Speedcar (Midget)Memorial
                       @ Archerfield 
Chris Nixon          Procar News
Wade Aunger          World Series Sprintcar Wrap Up
Phil Branigan        Motor Sport News Editor
Rob Oberg            ANDRA Australian Drag Racing National
                       @ Willowbank

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