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Crash Test Data for 2020 Acura

No crash test data exists.


Service Bulletins for 2020 Acura

Bulletin Number: B19-014
Service Bulletin - A whistling is heard from the center dash area when the engine is running with the A/C system cycling, or a few seconds after the ignition is turned to OFF.
Bulletin Number: B19040C
ServiceNews Article - Are you hearing a popping or crackling from the speakers? This may be due to a connection issue in the MOST bus network, which can be identified by the unique red and green connectors at each component of the infotainm
Bulletin Number: B19-050
Service Bulletin - The Display Audio screen may show the clock off by 1 hour. This is caused by a software issue that stores the incorrect date in the audio unit.
Bulletin Number: B19070C
ServiceNews Article - There's a video going around on YouTube and online forums that claims to fix an issue where the audio unit stays on with the ignition turned to OFF. This fix has you run a Hardware Auto Detect from the diagnostic scree
Bulletin Number: B19070E
ServiceNews Article - Some clients have decided to follow procedures found on the Internet to hack the audio/infotainment unit and download applications that we don't approve or support. This can cause multiple issues ranging from the audio
Bulletin Number: BBOM08282019
Dealer Message - Today, August 28, 2019, Acura is announcing a product update for certain 2019-2020 RDX vehicles where the display audio system may not show the correct time. Do an iN VIN status inquiry to determine which units in your inve
Bulletin Number: BBTS190901
Tech Line Summary Article - Are your client's complaining that their stored navigation favorites have been lost and they can't add them again after the recent OTA update? This issue can be easily fixed with a factory data reset of the infot
Bulletin Number: B19050B
ServiceNews Article - When removing and installing a cable reel, you need to keep both the cable reel and the steering angle sensor in position. If you don't, the VSA indicator may come on along with one or more VSA DTCs. And when you run t


Recalls for 2020 Acura

No recalls exist.