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AAA Urges Congress to Invest Added $5 Billion Annually in Nation's Roads, Bridges

9 September 1997

AAA Urges Congress to Invest Added $5 Billion Annually in Nation's Roads, Bridges

    WASHINGTON, Sept. 9 -- AAA today urged Congress to invest an
additional $5 billion per year toward maintaining and improving the
nation's roads and bridges.
    Since 1993, one-fourth (4.3 cents of the current 18.3 cents per gallon) of
federal gas tax receipts has been diverted from the Highway Trust Fund to
support general fund spending.  In August, Congress passed, and the president
signed, the Taxpayer Relief Act which directs that, beginning Oct. 1, the 4.3
cents per gallon tax will flow into the Highway Trust Fund.
    "This was an important step in the right direction," said James Kolstad,
AAA vice president for Public and Government Relations, "and will provide
roughly $5 billion in additional revenue annually for highways, bridges and
highway safety."
    More than one-third of major U.S. roads are in poor to mediocre condition
and one-fourth of the more than 570,000 bridges in the U.S. are either
structurally deficient or functionally obsolete, according to the Federal
Highway Administration.
    "Additional federal spending is sorely needed," said Kolstad.  "Congress
has just taken a giant step in the right direction by putting all gas tax
receipts into the Highway Trust Fund," added Kolstad.  "The key now is to get
them to actually spend those dollars on roads and bridges."
    The following chart shows the amount of additional funds which would flow
to each state annually, under current law, if Congress invested the entire
amount received from the 4.3 cents-per-gallon portion of the federal
gasoline tax.
    AAA is a not-for-profit federation of 99 clubs, providing its 40 million
members in the United States and Canada with a full line of travel, insurance,
financial and auto-related services.

                (Assuming all of 4.3% is disbursed to States)

    STATE            Annual Additional Funding
    ALABAMA               $100.0 million
    ALASKA                 $58.3 million
    ARIZONA                $72.1 million
    ARKANSAS               $61.7 million
    CALIFORNIA            $454.6 million
    COLORADO               $57.8 million
    CONNECTICUT           $102.8 million
    DELAWARE               $22.5 million
    FLORIDA               $219.4 million
    GEORGIA               $156.5 million
    HAWAII                 $35.4 million
    IDAHO                  $31.6 million
    ILLINOIS              $191.7 million
    INDIANA               $118.8 million
    IOWA                   $57.4 million
    KANSAS                 $59.6 million
    KENTUCKY               $86.6 million
    LOUISIANA              $78.9 million
    MAINE                  $26.5 million
    MARYLAND               $77.3 million
    MASSACHUSETTS         $197.6 million
    MICHIGAN              $154.1 million
    MINNESOTA              $70.4 million
    MISSISSIPPI            $61.0 million
    MISSOURI              $118.7 million
    MONTANA                $42.7 million
    NEBRASKA               $40.4 million
    NEVADA                 $30.3 million
    NEW HAMPSHIRE          $24.9 million
    NEW JERSEY            $139.0 million
    NEW MEXICO             $48.1 million
    NEW YORK              $303.6 million
    NORTH CAROLINA        $134.5 million
    NORTH DAKOTA           $29.6 million
    OHIO                  $184.8 million
    OKLAHOMA               $78.2 million
    OREGON                 $60.9 million
    PENNSYLVANIA          $205.1 million
    RHODE ISLAND           $23.3 million
    SOUTH CAROLINA          79.3 million
    SOUTH DAKOTA           $32.3 million
    TENNESSEE             $113.8 million
    TEXAS                 $354.4 million
    UTAH                   $36.5 million
    VERMONT                $22.8 million
    VIRGINIA              $117.2 million
    WASHINGTON             $93.3 million
    WEST VIRGINIA          $46.0 million
    WISCONSIN             $101.6 million
    WYOMING                $32.3 million
         TOTAL             $5.04 BILLION

    Source:  The Road Information Program (TRIP)