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Parking Lots are at the End of the Road

Hi Larry​,  

Parking takes up roughly one-third of land area in U.S. cities. Nationwide, there are about eight parking spaces for every car. But as parking reform gains momentum across the country, cities are lifting parking mandates in new construction ( , FINALLY freeing up city space for things other than massive, climate-hindering, humdrum lots.   

City planners and commercial developers must think of both the short- and long-term options available to build and be greener. Yet, business owners and corporations also have the power to drive adoption of additional resources and tools that enable more sustainable growth, better climate practices and innovation.   

If we can’t have as much parking, and we’re working toward not building new then suddenly building EV charging structures feels like Betamax tapes or the ill-fated laser disc. Before the idea of communal electric vehicle charging structures could even happen, we’re innovating past them.   

Solutions like SparkCharge ( – a mobile EV charging fleet—are available to bring charging capability to corporate fleets, company cars and more. This more bespoke and much greener solution is the resource required to support the turn away from building new, the turn away from more parking and single-driver options.  

I am happy to connect you to founder Josh Aviv ( for an interview or discussion on his Charging-as-a-Service solution. SparkCharge’s solution provides the resource “push�?? companies need to adopt larger infrastructure choices like electric fleets, or rehabbing buildings rather than constructing new.   

Let me know your thoughts. I look forward to hearing from you.  


Ryann Checchi 
Account Manager

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