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Every Spark-Ignited Internal Combustion Engine Ever Produced Has Been Damaged By Gasoline

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Engine damage caused by gasoline

The shocking truth about gasoline's destructive nature

By Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-President

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Makes sense to me!

How do you like the headline of this story? "Every Spark-Ignited Internal Combustion Engine Ever Produced Has Been Damaged By Gasoline."

It's a pretty damming statement, isn't it? Well, I'll be damned if it's not true. Every gasoline-powered internal combustion engine ever produced and put into service has been damaged by gasoline. What's more, every single diesel-powered internal combustion engine ever produced and put into service has been damaged by petroleum diesel fuel.

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Of course, it's really no big deal; the inherent nature of the internal combustion engine is that it will be damaged after it's put to use. Gasoline and diesel fuel are corrosive, they leave behind filthy deposits that turn to clogging goo, and the igniting of gasoline and diesel in the engine cylinders create thousands of explosions during every minute of how could every single gasoline or diesel-powered engine put to use not be damaged?

It's a no-brainer, right?

So if this is such a no-brainer, such an obvious statement of...the obvious, you may be asking yourself why I even sat down to write this story?

Here's why: A short while ago, I was directed by one of our readers to a message posted on the Facebook page for a group called American Energy Alliance. The post stated, "As I handed it (my car/engine) over, I asked the mechanic how many of the engines he works on have been damaged by ethanol. His reply: All of them."

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Engine damage caused by gasoline

As far as I could tell, the quote was not attributed to any specific person, and it provided no other details related to the situation that the quote refers to. It's not important if the situation was true or not because it is typical of the overly exaggerated, puerile, ignorant claims made by the oil industry against ethanol. However, the quote was linked to a story written by Jared Meyers, a fellow at the Manhattan Institute for the Criminally Insane (just joking, that's a reference to Mel Brook's "Blazing Saddles")...he's a fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research.

The story was originally published on, and is titled "Politicians Love Burning Food For Fuel." It supposedly details a conversation of some sort that took place between Mr. Meyers and Robert Bryce, a fellow fellow at the Manhattan Institute for the Criminally Insane (sorry, I couldn't help myself - whenever I hear or read "Institute for..." it makes me think of Mel Brooks). Robert Bryce is a fellow fellow at the Manhattan Institute, a senior fellow, at that!

Robert Bryce is a fraud and a liar. He has been spewing his anti-ethanol nonsense for years. In 2013, I wrote a 60+ page rebuttal to his cesspool work "Gusher Of Lies." I use the word cesspool instead of seminal because the book stinks like a filled cesspool.

You can read Mr. Meyers' Forbes story by CLICKING HERE, and you can read my rebuttal to Bryce's book by CLICKING HERE. I've given Mr. Bryce numerous opportunities to challenge my rebuttal or to recant or update some of his stale claims from a decade ago with corrected information but he has chosen to not do so.

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Sludge, gunk, goo, crap - call it what you will, it's caused by gasoline.

As for the author of this article, Jared Meyers, I'm bewildered why anyone would title an article with a patently false statement, except as a joke or as sarcasm (as I did with my headline of this editorial). But in reading the article I find no evidence of intended humor or sarcasm. There is only stupidity; the kind of stupidity that matches the empty claim made about ethanol damaging every engine that the fictitious mechanic ever encountered.

By the way, for those with a scorecard, this is not the first absurd anti-ethanol editorial published by Forbes. This past April they published a work of junk written by Steven Salzberg, titled "Why Are We Growing Corn To Fuel Our Cars? Three Reasons Why Ethanol Is A Bad Idea." Mr. Salzberg is supposed to be a distinguished professor. Based upon the nonsense he wrote about ethanol he must be looking to be an extinguished professor by committing integrity-suicide. If you have the opportunity to visit the Forbes website and read this editorial you will undoubtedly come across my multiple comments after reading Salzberg's fairytale. I was my usual delightful self, of course.

The good thing about the anti-ethanol claims made by fellas like Messes Meyer, Bryce, and Salzberg (yes Messes, not Messrs.) is that they are either so devoid of simple common sense, or so obtusely complicated, that they are rather easy to refute - as you would learn if you read my long rebuttal to Mr. Bryce's book. (hahahaha, fellas makes me think of the old Jerry Lewis comedy "Cinderfella")

The upshot of what I'm getting at is that it's an absolutely asinine thing for the oil industry and its whores to blame ethanol for causing the same problems that gasoline causes, with even greater regularity and more severe consequences. Engine problems did not suddenly occur with the advent of E10. The automobile profession and automobile repair shops didn't suddenly spring up in the past two decades. Gasoline has been damaging engines for as long as gasoline has existed. The alarming aspect of this is that there are too many mechanics out there who don't know this; they think that gasoline is a magical elixir of engine health and vitality.

Now, allow me to turn my attention to this American Energy Alliance thing. This group like several others is nothing more than a disingenuous decoy for the oil industry. Similar to American Council For Capital Formation, AEA is a shill for the oil industry. In AEA's "about us" page they state that they have no ties to any political party, and it has no interest in supporting the agenda of any particular political party. The presumption is that they favor what's right for America and Americans in total. I say it's code for "AEA wants to screw all of America and all Americans, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, or political party." They want what's right for OPEC, foreign oil dictators, terrorists, and un-American American businessmen.

To AEA, ACCF and all these others, I ask, if gasoline is so good and so harmless to engines and humans and the environment and our economy then why do you need to rely on ridiculous lies and gross over-exaggerations to condemn ethanol?

The fact is that every spark-ignited internal combustion engine ever produced and put into use has been damaged by gasoline, and every single person working for the petroleum oil industry is working to undermine our country, our security, and our health.