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New Mercedes S-Class Named "Luxury Topauto 2006"

Day in and day out, we cover the latest Mercedes news.  As you've  
probably noticed, over the past few weeks, we've been bringing you a  
ton of Mercedes awards stories.

This got me thinking - maybe you guys are getting tired of hearing  
about Mercedes' latest accolades; maybe they're starting to get a  
little boring.

Just when I reached the end of my rope, and thought maybe we should  
start focusing on other things, I got a call, and you'll never guess  
who it was.

It was none other than Mr. T, star of one of the greatest television  
shows of all time, the A-Team.

Do you know what Mr. T told me?  He told me this:  "Sorry sucka, I  
pity the fool that don't want to hear about Mercedes awards stories."

How can I argue with 30 pounds of gold and a mohawk?  Mr. T is  
right.  It's my duty to tell you about all of Mercedes' awards, no  
matter how small or insiginificant they seem.

So buckle up and get ready ladies and gentlemen, it's time for more  
awards news.   Thanks Mr. T.

This time making headlines, it's Mercedes' newest flagship sedan, the  
S-Class, taking home the title of "Topauto 2006."

If you've never heard of the award "Topauto," don't worry, you're not  
alone. This marks the first year for the award, given to celebrate 50  
years of the German Motor Information Service.

The title was awarded by a panel of German-speaking journalists from  
Switzerland, Austria and Germany, who awarded the S-Class 256 points,  
which, according to the press release, was well ahead of the  

Personally, sometimes I wonder why there are even awards given  
anymore.  We all know the S-Class is going to take pretty much every  
luxury award in existence over the next year.

Oh well, as long as there are awards, you will be forced to read  
about them. Look at the bright side - at least all you new S-Class  
owners can brag to your BMW buddies how your car kicked his 7 Series'  

If that wasn't enough Mercedes' award info, you can check out the  
full press release below to get all the juicy details.


Mercedes-Benz S-Class Collects Further Award: The new S-Class Is The  
“Luxury Topauto 2006”

Stuttgart, Dec 15, 2005

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been awarded the title of “Topauto  
2006”. The new high-end luxury saloon, launched in autumn, was  
acclaimed in the luxury category.
With a total of 256 points, the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class won the  
“Luxury” category of Topauto by a significant margin. The Topauto  
accolade was awarded for the first time to mark fifty years of the  
German Motor Information Service (mid). The jury was made up of  
German-speaking journalists from Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The new top-of-the-line model from the Stuttgart-based car  
manufacturer, which celebrated its market launch at the end of  
September, supersedes its predecessor, the world’s bestselling luxury  
saloon, with a sales total of around 500,000 models. The new S-Class  
features a wealth of technical innovations as standard – from Brake  
Assist PLUS with its radar sensors to the infrared technology-based  
night view assist, from the upgraded COMAND system to the preventive  
PRE-SAFE® occupant protection with additional functions, from Active  
Body Control to the dynamic multicontour seat with extended massage  
function – all of which make the Mercedes flagship a benchmark for  
car development as a whole.

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