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Each and every Saturday night, John McElroy and Laurel Hess will give you an up-close look at the newest cars on the street…some of the cars that will be coming up in the future…and we’ll demonstrate the technology that automakers want to sell to car buyers.

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Saturday - August 25th - 2001

Coming Soon?
If you’ve ever been to an autoshow, than you know, you’re bound to see lots of concept cars.  And, while they’re very cool to look at, the truth of the matter is, most of them will never see the light of day.  But gm is about to change that trend.  In fact, gm executives say, 8 of them could very possibly be built. Here’s a look at just a few of our favorites.

Big Power Down Under
The Ford Falcon XR8 is a car any enthusiast would love to drive. No, it doesn’t have anything in common with the Ford Falcon economy car that was sold in the ‘States in the 1960’s. This one looks fast, is fast, and sounds great! The XR8 is a rear drive, high performance version of the Falcon developed by Tickford. That’s a company in Australia that races Falcons and provides Ford with performance parts...

Art On Wheels
Art cars is the name given to cars where artists take an old junky car, scrounge whatever materials they have at hand, and use their imaginations to come up with wild and wacky designs.  They have a real passion for the cars they create.  But unlike other car enthusiasts, they don’t have a lot of money invested in their vehicles.

Quite Insightful!
It comes in a cute little aluminum frame…the rear wheels have darling little covers over them…and sticking out of the roof?  A teeny-weenie antenna that looks like it belongs on the top of a Teletubbie’s head…or, at least, in a space age movie…those were some of the comments we got while driving the Honda Insight!

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