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Capacities and Dimensions

Vehicle 2002 Ferrari 575M Maranello Maranello 2004 Chrysler Crossfire Coupe
Body Style coupe, CO, CPE Sports Car,CPE
EPA Classification n/a 2SEATER
number of speeds 6 n/a
Drive Train
City MPG n/a 17
Combined MPG n/a 20
Displacement (CC) n/a 195
Final Drive Ratio n/a 3.27
Fuel Capacity (gal) n/a 15.9
Fuel System n/a SEFI
Gas Guzzler Tax n/a $0
Highway MPG n/a 25
Horsepower @ RPM n/a 215@5700
Maximum power kW 379 n/a
maximum torque lb ft 434 n/a
PowerToWeightRatio n/a 14.2
RPM @ Peak Horsepower 515 n/a
Standard Transmission M n/a
Torque @ RPM n/a 229@3000
Transmission S n/a
Transmission Speeds n/a 6
Type of Engine n/a 3.2L V6
Valves n/a 18
Crash Test Rating n/a 5*/4*
Curb weight (lbs) 1730 3061
Overall Height (in) 50.3 51.4
Overall Length (in) 179.1 159.8
Overall Width (in) 76.2 69.5
Wheelbase (in) 98.4 94.5
Interior - Cargo - Carrying
Trunk Volume (cu ft) n/a 7.6
Interior - Passengers
Headroom front (in) n/a 36.9
Hip room front (in) n/a 53.3
Leg room front (in) n/a 42.7
Seating Capacity - Maximum n/a 2
Seating capacity - Standard n/a 2
Shoulder room front (in) n/a 52.7
Front suspension n/a Ind
Ground Clearance (in) n/a 4.9
Rear Suspension n/a Ind
Track Front n/a 58.8
Track Rear n/a 59.0
Tow Capacity (Maximum) n/a NR
Tow Capacity Standard n/a NR
Turning Radius
curb to curb turning circle (ft) 38 n/a
Steering Diameter Left n/a 32.9

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