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FIA European Rally Championship

1999 Events Schedule

Date                  Race                               Location

March 26-28           RALLYE EL CORTE INGLES             E

March 30 & April 2-5  RALLYE PIANCAVALLO                 I

May 21-23             ALLYE ALBENA                       BG

27-29                 POLSKI RALLY                       PL

June 24-27            YPRES WESTHOEK RALLY               B

July 01-03            ADAC RALLYE DEUTSHLAND             D

29-31                 RALLYE VINHO DA MADEIRA            P

August 28-29          ELPA HALKIDIKIS RALLY              GR

September 21-26       CYPRUS RALLY                       CY

21-24                 RALLYE D'ANTIBES-RALLYE D'AZUR     F

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