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Louisville Motor Speedway
Figure 8 Division Season Championship Races

Exclusive Auto Channel Coverage

On September 12, 1997, the Louisville Motor Speedway presented season championship races for four of its Figure 8 divisions. The Auto Channel. was there to cybercast the events live, and we have also archived the races for your viewing pleasure.

The Races

Banquet Table Buffet Rookie Figure 8 Division

Heat 1
Heat 2
Heat 3
Feature: Kenny Newcomb wins, B.J. Strickland becomes season champion

Pronto Auto Parts Figure 8 Division

Heat 1
Heat 2
Heat 3
Feature: Calvin Crane wins, Chris Harmon becomes season champion

Outer Limits Amusement Center Bombers Figure 8 Division

Heat 1
Heat 2
Feature: Mark Harmon wins, John Keyes becomes season champion

Field Preferred Meats Outlaw Figure 8 Division

Heat 1
Feature: Buddy Vertrees wins, Raymond Johnson becomes season champion
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