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'IT' is Here, Says Electric Scooter Maker ZAP

16 January 2001

'IT' is Here, Says Electric Scooter Maker ZAP
 ZAPWORLD.COM Unveils Five New Individual Transport Devices at The Super Show
                           In Las Vegas, Jan. 21-24

    LAS VEGAS, Jan. 16 What is "IT?"  Speculation about a new,
revolutionary Individual Transport vehicle that is fun, environmentally-safe,
and can change the world, prompted officials at electric vehicle maker
ZAPWORLD.COM to say that "IT" may already be here.
    "If 'IT' is an electric scooter as many speculate, or something related to
Individual Transport, then 'IT' is already here," said alternative energy
pioneer Gary Star, CEO of ZAPWORLD.COM (ZAP).  "In fact, Five 'ITs' are
already here."
    Starr announced today that ZAP would unveil five new personal electric
transportation products this weekend at The Super Show in Las Vegas, including
two new land scooters, one water scooter, an electric bicycle, and a new
device that tows inline skaters.
    "ZAP welcomes the kind of speculation and hyperbole we have been seeing
around 'IT,'" said Starr.  "Many say the same about ZAP's products.  Our goal
in 1994 was to introduce alternative transportation for the masses, and we
have always welcomed any kind of competition that will help this market grow.
The market is just now gaining mass-appeal and is poised for growth.  As you
can see, ZAP is busy launching its own new products."
    ZAP is unveiling five new products at The Super Show in Las Vegas, Nevada
this weekend, the largest sports product and apparel trade show and marketing
event in the world.  With more than 2,500 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees, The
Super Show takes place at the Sands Expo Center, Venetian Convention Complex
and Bally's Convention Complex, January 21-24, 2001.  The five products being
unveiled are as follows.

    -- ZAP will debut a new toy electric scooter to mass retailers modeled
       after its ZAPPY adult scooter.  Dubbed ZAPPY JR., it is the only
       electric scooter on the market targeted to six to ten-year-olds,
       answering the growing demand for safer electric scooters for younger
       children.  ZAPPY JR. has a fun look, is easier to ride than a
       skateboard, and electric power makes it clean and quiet.
       MSRP:  $399.99.
    -- ZAP also unveiled the latest version of its patented ZAPPY folding
       electric scooter, now designed for mass-market.  ZAP helped pioneer the
       market for folding electric scooters in the U.S. with the introduction
       of the ZAPPY in 1997 and has delivered thousands of units worldwide.
       MSRP:  $399.99.
    -- Now you can ZAP by land or by sea. ZAP is launching a new
       "water scooter" called SWIMMY, designed to give swimmers and snorkelers
       a boost in the open water or to enjoy in a pool.  It's as simple as
       grabbing onto the handles and pulling the switch for an effortless ride
       through the water with a quiet electrical assist.  MSRP:  $499.99.
    -- If you are looking for a true adrenaline rush, try ZAP's 2001
       POWERBIKE(R) electric mountain bike.  One of the most popular electric
       bikes in the world, the 2001 POWERBIKE has a new low price, making it
       one of the most affordable electric bicycles in the world.  ZAP also
       makes special kits that can "zap" most regular bicycles.  ZAP even
       supplies electric bicycles to over 250 law enforcement agencies.  By
       pedaling with the motor system the rider can travel up to 20 mph with a
       single charge lasting up to 15 miles.  Anyone can feel like a champion
       cyclist as the ZAP motor gives you a turbo-charged ride on or off-road.
       MSRP:  $449.99.
    -- For more turbo-charged fun, POWERSKI(R) is a radical new electric
       vehicle that can be used with inline skates or skateboards.  The
       two-wheeled device pulls the rider like a water skier via two flexible
       poles that allow a skiing motion.  At 15 MPH, the POWERSKI can easily
       turn any paved surface into a downhill skiing environment.  This
       powerful design offers skaters a new form of transportation, exercise
       and pure skating fun.  MSRP:  $699.99.